Poland stopped receiving Russian gas pipeline “Yamal-Europe”

WARSAW, June 21. /Offset. TASS Irina Polina/. Poland has suspended the fix in its gas transportation system of Russian gas coming into the country through the pipeline “Yamal – Europe”. About TASS reported the press Secretary of the Polish gas operator Gaz-System Tomasz Petrushansky.

Earlier it became known that Poland has suspended deliveries of fuel from Germany comes in the framework of the virtual reverse. As it turned out, we are talking about the Russian gas in General.

“We are talking about gas, which comes to us from the East through Kondratko and it turns out in Poland at the points of reception in Lwowek and Włocławek. We can not take the gas due to the fact that he did not meet the quality parameters specified in the operating instructions and maintenance of the gas transportation system (IRiESP),” explained Petrushansky, stressing that the transit of gas to Germany this is normal. “We hope this is a temporary situation,” – said the representative of Gaz-System.

He recalled that the decision to suspend deliveries was made on the morning of 21 June and shall be effective until 6 am (local time) on June 23. “If the quality of gas improves, we do not exclude the cancellation of this decision earlier,” said Petrushansky.

Poland consumes annually 15 billion cubic meters of gas. The main supplier of gas to Poland – the Russian “Gazprom” under the contract with which the country can annually buy 10.2 billion cubic meters. Last year, Poland used the services of alternative suppliers and purchased in Russia only 8 billion cubic meters of gas, covering the remaining needs by purchasing gas on the German fuel market.