The Bank obtained control over the Bank “Peresvet” as a result of additional issue

MOSCOW, June 23. /TASS/. Under control “Rosneft” the all-Russian regional development Bank (RRDB) received 99,999989% stake in the Bank “Peresvet” on the results of the additional issue carried out by the credit organisation. It is stated in the materials of “Peresvet”.

We are talking about the additional issue of ordinary shares, decision on which was made on 1 June. The Bank bought the issue on the closed subscription.

Earlier it was reported that the Bank of Russia has chosen the Bank investor in the rehabilitation of the “Peresvet”.

Before the Bank issues the Russian Orthodox Church controlled about 49% of the shares of “Peresvet” – 36% belonged to religious organizations “Financial and economic management of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate)”, 13% – affiliated with OOO “Promotion”. Another 24% was the share of JSC “Expocentre”.

Problems and rehabilitation of “Peresvet”

In early October of 2016, Fitch ratings has published a report, according to which the Bank “Peresvet” has issued more than RUB 12 billion high-risk loans. Borrowers, according to the Agency, have structures that have no real assets and affiliates among themselves or with management of the Bank. Summing up, the experts of Fitch questioned “the long-term sustainability” of the business of the credit institution.

October 14, 2016, the media reported that the head of Bank Alexander Shvets disappeared. On 18 October, the Bank has limited cash withdrawals to depositors. Moreover, the representatives of the press service of “overexposure”, said that liquidity problems no, but there was a temporary shortage of cash in connection with the large influx of customers. Following this, the Bank has started the audit of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

On 21 October, the Bank of Russia by its order has appointed a provisional administration to the Moscow Bank “Relight” and imposed a moratorium on satisfaction of creditors ‘ claims. Because the value of the Bank, it was decided not to revoke his license, and to carry out the procedure of financial recovery, reorganization. The inspection revealed that the Bank’s capital was formed “hole” is almost 104 billion.

20 Feb 2017 functions of the turnaround of the Bank was vested in the Agency on insurance of contributions. 19 April 2017, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation finally approved the sanation of the credit institution, agreeing to allocate her RUB 67 billion Enterprise, the creditors will also contribute to closing the “hole” in the Bank’s capital of 70 billion rubles.

Payments to depositors of the Bank, the DIA was completed on 24 April 2017.