Durov correspondence with the Russians for blocking Telegram go into the US-controlled “cloud”

MOSCOW, June 23. /TASS/. Possible blocking of Telegram messenger in Russia will lead to the transfer of information about the correspondence of Russian citizens in the US-controlled cloud services. This opinion was expressed by the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov on his page in social network “Vkontakte”.

“As soon as the Telegram is blocked, the correspondence of Russian officials, their friends and relatives, and other sensitive data via WhatsApp/Viber will be performed, controlled by America cloud Apple iCloud/Google Drive”, – he wrote.

Earlier, the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov spoke personally to the Creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov with a request to provide information about the company, the management messenger, for inclusion in the registry disseminate information (required under Russian law to work in Russia). If the Telegram does not provide the required data within the prescribed period, messenger will be blocked in Russia until, until will not be provided this information.