Roskomnadzor: Telegram provides opportunities for communication of terrorists and criminals

MOSCOW, June 23. /TASS/. The messenger Telegram ignores the safety of ordinary users and provides opportunities for communication of terrorists and criminals. This was stated by the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov, whose words are in the official account of the Agency “Vkontakte”.

“Speaking on the substance of the reply of Paul V. (Durov, founder of Telegram approx. TASS), I must say that, unfortunately, is neutral with respect to terrorists and criminals who take advantage of his messenger, and totally ignores the safety of ordinary users to Telegram,” said Zharov.

Previously Durov said that the possible blocking of Telegram messenger in Russia will lead to the transfer of information about the correspondence of Russian officials, their friends and relatives in the US-controlled cloud services.

According to him, “correspondence of Russian officials, their friends and relatives” in the case of blocking “neutral with respect to Russia Telegram” will go through WhatsApp or Viber in the US-controlled cloud services, owned by corporations like Apple or Google.

“Unfortunately, we have not heard a substantive response to the issues raised in my letter to the Telegram team and Pavel Durov”, – commented the head of Roskomnadzor.

“The company mentioned in the message Mr Durov services independently makes a decision regarding the execution of the Russian legislation and dialogue with the authorities of the Russian Federation”, – he added.

The APTLD expects that the administration Telegram will respond to the request to provide company information to avoid blocking the messenger, which in Russia are about 10 million people. The journalists said the Deputy head of Department Oleg Ivanov.

“If 10 million people uses it, why is the (block – approx. TASS) to do? Administration messenger, will respond,” – said Ivanov.

He recalled that the head of Roskomnadzor has personally appealed to the leadership of the messenger. “After all, anything supernatural from him is not required. Until silence”, – said Ivanov.

The Deputy head of Roskomnadzor did not rule out that the actions of the founder of the Telegram is explained by the desire of attracting more users. “It attracts users to the fact that he allegedly was not cooperating with anyone. This is the story of attracting user the advantage that he has,” said Ivanov.

The inclusion of the messenger in the registry means a Telegram willingness to work according to Russian laws. Current legal status Telegram in Russia will not change. If Telegram will provide information, and Roskomnadzor will include it in the register, the company will be obliged to store and give at the request of law enforcement agencies the correspondence of users and crypto key to it.