Fines against bad gasoline: the government will strengthen the fight against poor quality fuel

With poor quality fuel will compete with increases in fines. Sellers of gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel that do not comply with the Technical regulations of the Customs Union, can be fined up to 2 million rubles. Producers of low-grade fuel can be punished even more severe — 1% of turnover for the year or a suspension of activity for 90 days. The bill the government submitted to the Duma.

TASS understood, will bill at the price and quality of fuel at the pump.

Poison gasoline

First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Vyacheslav Lysakov in conversation with TASS that he supports the initiative of the government. According to him, verifying the quality of fuel at filling stations are mainly located in Moscow. “As for the province, there is a number of counterfeit goods come, according to my experience, 80-90%”, — said Lysakov.

According to him, on the market are petrol, which is produced by “artisanal”. “Of the nearly 1.5–2 thousand manufacturers of fuel of about 40 pieces is a large oil refineries, a little more — medium-sized producers, and the rest is “blenders”. It is small organizations which, in primitive conditions, bringing from China the poisonous iron supplements, make the fuel, which is sold under the guise of high-octane gasoline,” — says the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee.

Atrative punishment

In turn, the oil market participants believe that the main problem is the inability to ensure the inevitability of punishment, low fines. “Any tightening of penalties leads to a growth in corruption. The question is not of rigidity of punishment, inevitability of punishment. And with it we have a problem”, — said Pavel Bazhenov.

He claims that now there are rules that allow to fine dealers and manufacturers are dangerous for humans and machines fuel “for the sum to one million rubles, but these penalties do not apply.”

The President of the Russian fuel Union Yevgeny Arkusha says that the article 14.43 of the Code of administrative violations can be fined “millions of roubles”. “However, Rosstandart prescribes penalties in the amount of 20-30 thousand rubles,” — reports to Arcos.

Driver, save your motor itself

Lysakov in conversation with TASS suggested that the problem can be addressed “people’s control”. “We need to involve public organizations, recently discussed this issue in Rosstandart”. In addition, the MP believes that to control the fuel quality needs of major gas stations that sell the franchise. This mechanism allows small gas stations operate under the brands of large chain companies.

In the meantime, experts advise motorists who ruined the engine of your car with poor fuel, do not be afraid to demand redress. “First of all (in this situation) should contact the Rosstandart. Voucher could be persuaded to conduct a test purchase, and then to address in court” — tells the sequence of actions the Arcos. According to him, in some cases, the driver is able to convince gas station owners to offset the cost of the repair out of court.

The law will not affect the price

Interviewed by TASS, the experts agreed that the bill would not affect the price of fuel. But this does not mean that the cost of gasoline will not grow. “This will not affect the cost of a liter. On the contrary, counterfeit fuel, which are struggling with sanctions, is now selling at the normal price of high-octane gasoline,” — said Lysakov. The MP noted that gasoline prices do, “unfortunately, rising, despite the decline in oil prices”.

Agrees with him and the President of the independent fuel Union Pavel Bazhenov. He believes that the prices will continue to rise, but this is not due to increase of sanctions for poor-quality gasoline and high wholesale fuel prices. “Now the difference between the wholesale price of gasoline and retail — 6%, about 2% goes to taxes and fees. The remaining 4%, which is necessary to maintain the infrastructure and pay for the labor. So now all of a network of petrol stations (gas stations) operate at a loss. But if a large company have such an opportunity, the independent companies are on the verge of bankruptcy”, — thinks the Bazhenov.

According to him, given the wholesale prices in today’s reality economically viable price of a liter of gasoline AI-92 should be around 42-45 rubles, AI-95 — about 50 rubles per liter. “This will enable businesses to pay off gas stations for 10 years. Now he or doesn’t pay at all or pays 30-40 years”, — said the head of the independent fuel of the Union.