“Izvestia”: the FCS will have access to the database of “Mail of Russia” to fight smuggling

MOSCOW, June 26. /TASS/. The Federal customs service (FCS) will be able in the next three years to access information resources of “Mail of Russia”. About it the newspaper “Izvestia” said the Deputy head of FTS, Anatoly Seryshev.

“The joint work of customs officers and employees of “Mail of Russia” and is now conducted on a daily basis, he said. But we need to look to the future, we must effectively stop the smuggling of drugs and arms in mail order shipments. To do this, the customs investigative units must actively work with information files”.

We are talking about analytical work. According to Serysheva, details of mail order shipments need in order to “carry out not only a single seizure of narcotics or weapons, but to open channels of supply chain suppliers.”

“Technical solutions by which the Department will collect and process information until approved, – said the Deputy head of the FCS. – Details of operational work to open will not. We can say that all procedures will be in accordance with international and Russian law”

The publication notes that “a Comprehensive program for the development of the Federal customs service for the period till 2020”, which provides for the extension of the powers of the Federal customs service, the Ministry of Finance must approve before the end of summer.