Matviyenko urged the Central Bank to pay attention to the effectiveness of rehabilitation of banks

MOSCOW, June 26. /TASS/. The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko called non-ideal situation with the Bank bailout and urged the Central Bank to pay attention to it.

“Banks improve their health over the years. All this time they violate the mandatory regulations, have negative equity. And steadily increasing balances. The impression that the doctor like the process of treatment, not the result,” said the Senator during the meeting of the Interregional banking Council under the Federation Council.

“Ask the Bank of Russia to pay special attention to the efficiency of the financial health and transparency of the reporting of rehabilitated banks. Including to stimulate to reduce their costs through mergers,” added the speaker.

Matviyenko also pointed to a number of issues related to the revocation of banking licenses. In particular, she said, for some categories of entities (e.g. small businesses) revocation of the license of the Bank may indicate its own bankruptcy. The MP said that often small businesses use small lending institutions.

In addition, she continued, not every small business can independently monitor the financial stability of the Bank. “Plus the legislation they have identified the third place in the queue of creditors for compensation of losses. As the result of force majeure, such organizations are practically without protection,” – said Matvienko. In this regard, it is proposed to consider the question of insurance of means on accounts of subjects of small business.

Also the head of the Federation Council reminded representatives of the Central Bank about the need to simplify public forms of Bank statements. “This is good information help for small businesses and for citizens”, – has concluded Matvienko.