“Rosneft” explained the settlement agreement with RBC, the change of ownership

MOSCOW, June 26. /TASS/. The settlement agreement Rosneft and RBC was concluded in connection with the change of leadership edition of the RBC and the owner of the publication that occurred during the time of the lawsuit and appeals in court, said TASS press-Secretary of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontyev.

“We believe that the information contained in the article “Sechin asked the government to protect Rosneft from BP,” and subsequent publications have indeed caused damage. We had the intention to create an adequate legal assessment of such actions, but, as during this time changed not only the leadership of the editorial Board, but the owner of the newspaper, we have no reason to punish people who do not have this (article and publications – approx. TASS) irrelevant. So we have no obstacles to conclude the agreement and to maintain a normal working relationship with RBC publications”, – said Leontiev.

As they say in a joint statement, Rosneft and RBC, under the settlement agreement, “the management of the RBC holding and all the journalists involved in the conflict recognize that the information that is the subject of the claim, published in the article mentioned above, is untrue and discredits the business reputation of PJSC “NC “Rosneft”, apologize to the company “Rosneft” and the chief Executive officer of the company Igor Sechin”.

After the conclusion of the settlement agreement, the parties have every reason to expect that the relationship between RBC – media market leader in the segment of the business press – and Rosneft – the largest Russian company which will be based on respect for the principles of freedom of speech, professional loyalty and competence and business ethics, said in a statement.

Earlier on Monday the Arbitration court of the Moscow district approved the amicable agreement between Rosneft and RBC group under the claim of the company on protection of honor and dignity. As discussed in the court of the document, “Rosneft” has refused financial claims to the media. In addition, before the defendants published a retraction of the impugned article RBC from 11 APR 2016 called “Sechin asked the government to protect Rosneft from BP” for which the company has filed a lawsuit against the media company, demanding to compensate reputational damage to 3,124 billion.

The defendants were journalists Konstantin Bochkarev, Timofei Dzyadko, Lyudmila Podobedova and Maxim tovkaylo and OOO “Biznes-Press” (founder of RBC) and RBC-TV.

In December of last year the Arbitration court of Moscow partially satisfied the claim of “Rosneft” and ordered RBC to pay 390 thousand and RUB to remove controversial material. However, both parties disagreed with the court’s decision. Ninth arbitration court of appeal reversed this decision, upholding only the obligation to remove the article and publish a retraction.