The media learned about the possible lifting of the ban on dividends from the assets of the “System”

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the decision on seizure on belonging to the “System” shares of MTS, a network of clinics, “meds” and Bashkir power grid company says nothing about the prohibition of receiving dividends on these securities. The court ruling refers only to limitations on the transfer of shares.

Banning the “System” to income from shares, said the bailiff, however, according to partner Goltsblat BLP of Rustam Kurmaev, in this case he went beyond what the court pointed out, this means that this part of the decree is to cancel.

In turn, the partner of lawyer Bureau “a right Line” Ruslan Nugaibekov told “Kommersant” that the “System” can theoretically achieve, and cancellation of arrest of the shares. For example, a company may indicate that there is no reason to believe that she can avoid execution of the judgment and try to hide assets.

After the information on arrest belonging to the “System” of assets of press-Secretary of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontiev warned that this is not the last interim measure on the suit. He stressed that Rosneft had requested to seize assets for the full amount of the claim.

Later, Leontiev said that the oil company is ready to go to “any other adequate security” for the claim to AFK “System” instead of the arrested shares.

“Rosneft” demands from AFK “System” to repair the damage, which appeared during the reorganization of “Bashneft” in 2014. Now “Bashneft” belonged “Rosneft”. The amount of damage in “Rosneft” at first estimated at 106,6 billion rubles, and the latest requirements from the oil companies increased to 170,6 billion.