“Stroytransgaz” will reduce to 50% of the employees of the Moscow office

One of the largest construction contractors of “Gazprom” “Strojtransgaz” (half-owned by Gennady Timchenko and his family) will cut 50% of managers this year, RBC reported a former employee of the contractor and the source of one of its competitors. Member of “Gazprom” reported that they had heard about the impending large cuts in the Central office of the contractor and in one of his Siberian “daughters”.

“We are working in normal mode, a normal for any company, the processes of hiring and dismissal of employees”, — said the representative of “Stroytransgaz”.

The main reasons of reductions of the interlocutors RBC called the decline in the number of orders and a lack of new major projects in Russia. “The portfolio became less expensive, unprofitable”, — explained in another building contractor “Gazprom”.

According to a former employee of the company, “Strojtransgaza” has already cut about 100 people, and during the year the company will leave only 400-500 employees. This is confirmed RBC a source in another major construction contractor. Retrenched employees have received four salary, said one of them. The Moscow office employs about 900 people, that is, the reduction will affect 44-55% of the staff.

According to the calculations of Forbes magazine, “Stroytransgaz” (previously called “Stroytransgaz”) was able to increase the portfolio with 40-50 billion rubles in 2013-2014 to 305 billion rubles in 2015 and to 259,7 billion rubles — in 2016. All the contracts the company signed with the subsidiaries of “Gazprom”. But for the first half of 2017, the company received orders for only 36,3 RUB bn, including a contract for RUB 21 billion for the construction of the sea gas pipeline and other facilities for the Kaliningrad region, from the data “SPARK-Interfax”. However, recently it became known that Timchenko’s company can receive from “Gazprom” another major contract for the extension of the gas pipeline Sakhalin — Khabarovsk — Vladivostok in the amount of 51 billion rubles.

Since the investment program of “Gazprom” is steadily growing (910 billion by 2017 against 853,01 billion RUB in 2016), it is likely that “Strojtransgaz” will receive fewer orders because of the increased competition between contractors, said RBC Deputy Director of the national energy security Fund Alexei Grivach, explaining possible reasons for reductions in staff. So, in 2016 year major contracts gas monopoly went to the owners of the previously unknown Ufa Institute PETON. Gazprom without competition has concluded with them contracts worth more than 170 billion rubles.

As reported by RBC at the end of April, “Gazprom” can carry out mass layoffs, if it decides to go for EPC contracts. The interlocutors of RBC in “Gazprom” and contractors the company will evaluate the possible reductions in staff “Gazprom” and it “daughters” in 300-500 people.

Cuts can not be avoided and other contractors of the monopoly, in addition to “Strojtransgaza,” says a source close to monopoly. But the representative “SGM”, owned by Arkady Rotenberg, told RBC that the decision on the reduction in the company was not accepted. The representative of “Stroygazconsulting” declined to comment.