“Gazprombank Leasing” plans to join the government programs targeted support for the automotive industry

MOSCOW, June 29. /TASS/. “Gazprombank Leasing” plans to join the targeted programs of the Ministry of industry and trade to support the industry – “Their job”, “Russian tractor” and “Russian farmer”, which will be launched in July. This was reported by General Director of the company Maxim Aghajanov, speaking during a business Breakfast organized by the leasing company.

“The new program will start in early July, the contracts with the leasing companies already under negotiation and these programs in fact we have,” said the Aghajanov.

The representative of the Ministry of industry and trade said that the Ministry, in addition to the basic state of the automobile industry, will launch the targeted program (“the business”, “Russian tractor”, “Russian farmer”), in which a discount of the equipment cost will increase to 12.5% from 10%. To take advantage of benefits can small and medium businesses, agricultural producers and citizens and organizations entering into a lease agreement long-haul tractors. Office in 2017 plans to sell about 70 thousand units of commercial vehicles produced in Russia in the framework of these programs, said the representative of the Ministry of industry and trade.

According to Agadzhanova, today rates on state programmes to subsidise more than competitive. “Moreover, a program of the Ministry of industry and trade help to significantly reduce the rate. For example, the program “Leasing projects” allows you to get a loan at 1% per annum to 27% of the cost of equipment – this provides a significant reduction in the rate and creates all conditions for development of leasing”, – said the head of “Gazprombank Leasing”.

According to the company on June 20, “Gazprombank Leasing” translated lessees about 450 million roubles. All in all, the segment signed contracts for more than 21 billion rubles.

The Aghajanov said that the business dialogue with the Ministry of industry and industrial development Foundation helped to make the conditions of leasing in the framework of state programs of support for competitive lessees. “Earlier rates were higher and there were restrictions on types of activities. Now the situation has significantly improved, the list of industries that can participate in the government programs included the oil and gas and oilfield services industry”, – said the Aghajanov.

He also said that in 2017, “Gazprombank Leasing” expects to double the volume of new business and one-third to increase the leasing portfolio. “At the end of the year we will get close to 150 billion rubles,” – said the Aghajanov.