Izvestia: significant investment will be technological and price audit

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. A series of major investment projects scheduled to be technological price audit, said in a Friday newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the Minister for Open government Mikhail Abyzov. It is noted that this procedure was a success, in particular, JSC Russian Railways to cut costs by 25 billion rubles.

According to Abyzov, the experts pointed out the potential savings in the projects of BAM, Transsib and objects of the Azov-black sea railway junction.

“Also subject to detailed verification, the project documentation high-speed highway Moscow-Kazan, the new investment project of the Northern latitudinal course with a value of over 250 billion rubles. In addition, we are preparing proposals for the implementation of investment projects related to infrastructure development Elegest coalfield. All of these projects will pass through technological pricing audit”, – leads edition of the words Abyzov.

As explained in the paper involved in the audit projects of the expert Council under the Open government inspections of Russian Railways, for example, was used formed together with the accounts chamber of the list of “repeated observations”. So, the list includes the logistics of delivery of crushed stone, requirement, maximum use of cut soil and used rail, if they are suitable for further use.

The money saved will be reallocated within the same projects, or directed to other activities, the newspaper said. In particular, optimization of the BAM and Transsib plan to use to enhance backbone capacity.

Technological audit of important investment projects with state participation was first held in 2012. It is carried out by an independent auditing company.