The Cabinet proposed to raise the excise tax on cigarettes a year

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. The government of the Russian Federation submitted to the state Duma a bill on indexation of excise rates for some goods. In particular, excise taxes on tobacco products proposed not to increase until July 1, 2018, the text of the bill.

From 1 January to 30 June 2018 is expected to apply the existing bet (1562 rubles. for 1 thousand cigarettes plus of 14.5% of the estimated value, calculated on the basis of the maximum retail price, but not less than 2123 rubles. for 1 thousand pieces). From 1 July 2018 it will increase by 10% to 1718 RUB. for 1 thousand cigarettes.

Excise duties on all alcohol products, which increased from 1 January 2017, the government has no plans to change until the end of 2019. It is as hard liquor and wines, and alcoholic products. So, the excises for alcoholic products with a share of ethyl alcohol up to 9% inclusive (except for beer, beverages based on beer, wines, fruit wines, sparkling wines, cider, Poiret, Mead, wine beverages produced without the addition of rectified ethyl alcohol produced from food raw materials) can be stored at 418 Euro per 1 liter; alcoholic beverages with a share of ethyl alcohol more than 9% 523 rubles. for 1 liter.

Excise duties on beer, cider, Poiret and Mead are requested to leave at 21 rubles. per liter of strong beer (more than 8.6%) – 39 RUB. per liter. Rate of excise duty on the Russian sparkling wine will remain at 18 cents per liter; for wine, protected geographical indication and protected designation of origin – 5 rubles.per liter.

It is also envisaged to exempt from the payment of excise tax imported into Russia from 1 January 2016 to 30 April 2017 wine, sparkling wine with a protected geographical indication and protected appellation of origin, in part in excess of paid amounts of excise tax when imported.