The ruble is stable against the currency basket amid rising oil and the Euro

Moscow. June 29. INTERFAX.RU – Dollar falls, Euro rises at the opening of trading on the Moscow stock exchange on Thursday; ruble stable against currency basket amid rising oil and the Euro, exerting a mixed effect on his quotes.

The first transactions in US dollar were in the range 59,03-59,16 rbl./$1, at the end of the first minute of trading, the rate was 59,09 RUB/$1 (-10,75 penny to the previous closing). The Euro rose to 67.5 rubles/EUR1 (+11 cents), the cost of the currency basket fell by only 0.9 of a penny relative to the closing level of the medium, of 62.88 ruble.

The dollar has been on 59,54 kopecks below the level of the current official exchange rate of the Euro by 18.68 rubles below the official rate.

According to experts of “Interfax-CEA”, the ruble is stable against the currency basket at the opening of trading on the background of the action of different economic factors. Support to the national currency have the price of oil continues to rise on Thursday after rising in the previous five sessions. On the contrary, the factor that has a negative effect on the value of the ruble, is the growth of the Euro on the world currency market, against which the Euro rises in tandem with the ruble. Pair “Euro-dollar” rose to the levels of early may 2016, reaching 10:01 GMT $1,1421.

The cost of the September futures for Brent crude on London’s ICE Futures exchange at 10:01 Moscow time has risen on 0,44% – to $47,75 per barrel. Futures price for WTI crude oil for August in electronic trading on the new York Mercantile exchange (NYMEX) has increased by this time to 0.51%) to $44,97 per barrel. From early June the fall in the value of Brent is 5.4%, WTI is 7.3%.

Support for the market on Wednesday had a data of U.S. Department of energy on the reduction of oil production in the country by the end of last week. According to the energy Ministry, oil production in the U.S. for the week ended June 23 fell by 100 thousand barrels per day (b/C) – up to 9.25 million b/d.