Who called the protesters degenerates PR Director of “MegaFon” will leave the company

Moscow. June 29. INTERFAX.RU Director of public relations “the Megaphone” Peter Lidov will leave the company, according to “Vedomosti” with reference to his acquaintances and the person who received the offer from the HR-service of the operator. According to them, Leads now on vacation, at work, he’s not coming back. According to sources, the company has long been “not very satisfied” Lidovy. According to one of interlocutors, the leadership raised questions that for a long time he combined the position of PR Director with work as a presenter on television.

Recently, in the networks of “MegaFon” there were two major failure occurs in which the subscribers could not make calls. The strategy chosen Leads to coverage of these events, did not like the guide. However, the last straw was a tweet Lidova about the participants of the June protests (published 14 June), said the source “Vedomosti”. Leads called them on his Twitter page “young degenerates”. The next day he, however, apologized to readers.

I apologize. See the reaction, you know that was wrong choice of words, need to be restrained. MegaFon nothing to do with it. Thank you for understanding.

— Peter Lidov (@plidov) 15 Jun 2017

Leads told “Vedomosti” that he would not comment on “rumors about his resignation”.