The head of “Gazprom” spoke about the ongoing work in winter mode

Moscow. June 30. INTERFAX.RU Gazprom said unusually cold weather in early 2017, which makes it work in winter mode. “I’m sure we’ll meet again in the near future and talk about the new record gas supplies in the coming autumn-winter period,” said Miller.

“When you pumped the autumn-winter period, in addition to the annual results we summarize the results of the autumn-winter period. But you know, it’s actually the autumn-winter period we have with you is not ended. Very cold the weather was, and continues to stand in the European part of the country. Cold April, cold in may, cold June,” – said the head of “Gazprom”.

“A lot of different jokes – it was the eighth month of winter. And for us this is the reality of our practical work. We are in June, provide gas supplies for the winter modes. Never had this,” he added.