Ryabkov: Russia proposes a step-by-step plan to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula

Ryabkov: Russia proposes a step-by-step plan to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula

MOSCOW, July 3. /TASS/. Russia has presented to countries interested in reducing tensions on the Korean Peninsula, a plan involving the rejection of further escalation of the situation and a gradual decrease of tension. This was stated by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov in an interview to the newspaper “Izvestia”.

“We have some ideas in the form of a concrete plan, which we shared with the participants in this process, he said. – We offer the US to abandon the perverse logic of escalation when on the step, one hand should kontrag, enhancing, as expected, the pressure on the opposite side.”

Ryabkov added that “we need to freeze the situation, to achieve a certain status quo, and then move in a step-by-step methodology to reduce tensions and build on the momentum in the search for political resolutions”. “Diplomats, including the us, are well aware of this technology”, – said the Deputy head of the foreign Ministry.

He noted that the direct neighborhood with the DPRK is one of the main factors of Russia’s attention to this problem. “If there is political will from the US can achieve a lot together,” the diplomat said.

Ryabkov also added that the US pressure on North Korea could eventually result in a collision. According to him, this logic should be abandoned. “Given the promote for many years a campaign of demonization of North Korea to disengage from this logic, the pressure of the Americans difficult. But this is no alternative path, the diplomat said. – Push ultimately could detonate in a collision”.

Deputy foreign Minister noted that this development would be a disaster for meaningful for all of the region. “We are very concerned about what is happening in a situation that has no political and diplomatic solutions for a long time,” he said.