Ryabkov: the US tightening of a question with Dipartimento Russia will lead to a mirrored response

Ryabkov: the US tightening of a question with Dipartimento Russia will lead to a mirrored response

MOSCOW, July 3. /TASS/. The delay by Washington seized of the situation around the Russian diplomatic property would lead to a mirrored response. This was stated in interview to the newspaper “Izvestia” Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“No movement [around the situation with diplomatic property] no. Our constant complaints to Washington with the demand without any conditions, immediately return our property, which is protected by diplomatic immunity, have no effect”, – stated the diplomat. According to him, the United States, from a legal point of view, “grossly violate the provisions of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations”.

“And they are inconsistent even with their own law, which prevents such an encroachment on private property – said Ryabkov. She was acquired the Soviet Union and then transferred to Russia. There can be no other interpretation or reading.” The Deputy Minister stressed that it was “a flagrant violation of the law”.

He paid attention that Moscow appeals to “common sense and understanding of the American side of clear rules of international communication”. “While there is no effect, the Americans stubbornly stand on his own, which makes us wonder about the response, Ryabkov said. – The mirror is one of the fundamental principles of inter – state communication in situations where the damage is caused to interests of the other party”.

“So I do not rule out the mirror measures. Moreover, we have repeatedly warned the American side that further delay in a positive resolution of this question will lead to the appropriate response, including the mirror,” – said the diplomat.

Consultations with Shannon will resume “in due time”

Ryabkov also said that Moscow has canceled the Russian-American consultations at the level of Deputy foreign Ministers once and for all, they will be resumed in due time. As the diplomat reminded, his meeting with US Deputy Secretary of state Thomas Shannon, is scheduled for June 23 in St. Petersburg, did not take place at the initiative of the Russian side.

“We have not abolished once and for all. We have postponed, – said the diplomat. On 20 June, the US administration has significantly expanded the list of Russian citizens and legal entities under American sanctions. Did it without any reason”.

According to him, Moscow is absolutely not convinced by the explanation that the administration regularly reviews its sanctions policy. “We don’t care what sort of reviews were held, – said Ryabkov. – The extension of the sanctions lists is a blow and we could not respond”. Another reason, according to the diplomat, is the situation with the expropriation of departmenti.

Ryabkov stressed that “the us administration did not give specific suggestions on what to do to exit an unacceptable situation.” “Considerations on this account we promised to present a long time, but did not” – said the diplomat.

The Deputy Minister stressed that such a political background of his consultation with Shannon was just meaningless. “We postponed the consultation, and in due time, I’m sure, will resume this dialogue,” – said Ryabkov.

At the end of December 2016 the former US administration headed by Barack Obama imposed new sanctions against Russia, declaring persona non grata 35 employees of the Embassy in Washington and Consulate General in San Francisco and with two Russian diplomatic problem (in the States of new York and Maryland). Access to the entire Russian staff to these two complexes was closed on December 30. Washington tied the sanctions to hacker attacks on American political institutions, which are leaving the U.S. government accused Russia.