Slutsky: PACE became a platform for anti-democracy and Russophobes

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. The summer session of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), which initiated the procedure of dismissal of the Chairman Pedro Agramunt, ended with the triumph of anti-democracy and Russophobes. On Friday told journalists the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky on the results of the PACE session.

“The June session of PACE in Strasbourg turned into a triumph of anti-democracy, Russophobes. Each day was marked by the manifestation of double standards and the adoption of decisions contrary to common sense”, – he stressed.

Earlier it was reported that the PACE in Friday a motion to dismiss Pedro Agramunt from the post of Chairman. Thus was launched the mechanism of the process of removal, the provisions of which were included in the regulation in the beginning of the week during the summer session. Under the proposal about removal of Agramunt appear the signatures of 158 members representing the five political groups and national delegations 36. Now this document will be voted on at the fall meeting.

As pointed out by the head of the Committee, this rule contradicts both the principles of parliamentarism and the Statute of the Council of Europe and common sense, and more European politicians understand it. “Agramunt, on his own initiative, risking their lives went to a country where the main terrorist threat to Europe. However, this visit was judged as not in the key counter-terrorism cooperation, and in the context of a joint trip with the delegation of the state Duma, which caused a severe negative reaction from the side of the Russophobes at the Strasbourg site,” said Slutsky.

He also said that “forces of the Russophobes at the hardware level were hacked a constructive initiative involving the creation of one – sixth of the political group in PACE “Free Democrats”, which was planned to include representatives of 12 European States such as France, Monaco, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and others.” Lead it was Italian Adele Gamboro, Secretary become a Frenchman, Thierry Mariani. “However, the group is called “Pro” and on this basis she was denied the party,” noted with regret Slutsky.

With regard to Agramunt, the head of the Committee, “it’s a brave man who suffered cruel persecution only for its constructive position on the resumption of dialogue with Russia and an attempt to clarify the Syrian realities”. “We will continue to support it. As we will continue cooperation with common forces in the space of the Council of Europe, who do not think of the future of the European continent without Russia. And we see that these European politicians becoming more” – has concluded Slutsky.