Tinkoff Bank has started formation of an ATM network

Moscow. The 4th of July. INTERFAX.RU – Tinkoff Bank, for years, done without their own ATM network, has begun its formation. The Bank established the first ATM, wrote the primary owner of the credit organization Oleg Tinkov on his page in Instagram. Specific plans to expand its ATM network further and possible costs that the Bank does not disclose.

Here it is the first smart ATM #thinkofme ! He can do everything. A real robot. Of course this has no one of the banks 🤦 ♂ app. For the… first in”Vodny”

Publication of Oleg Tinkov (@olegtinkov) July 3 2017 9:45 PDT

About the possibility of creating Tinkoff Bank for its ATM network in 2017 Tinkov said in October 2016 at the forum “Vinopolis-2016”. “We started thinking about our own network of ATMs and very much working out this issue. I would not be surprised that next year we will finally have its own network. But, of course, we want to approach it differently, it is not just a cash machine, but something more,” said he then.

Customers Tinkoff Bank were able to use ATMs of partner banks.