XI Jinping will discuss Russia comprehensive partnership

XI Jinping will discuss Russia comprehensive partnership

BEIJING, 3 July. /TASS/. Chinese President XI Jinping on Monday sent an official visit to Russia, which will discuss a range of comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries. As reported a press-service of the Kremlin, the center of attention topical issues of international and regional character.

The Chinese leader will be in Russia on 3 and 4 July at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. During this trip it is planned to sign several bilateral documents. It is assumed that among the economic problems, will focus on trade and investment, energy, industry, transport infrastructure and agriculture.

The next item on the political tour of XI Jinping will be Germany, where he is July 7-8 will participate in the Hamburg summit of G20.

Event of the year

According to Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov, the visit of the PRC President to Russia will be of critical importance. “This will be the Central event in the bilateral political agenda this year”, – said the diplomat.

He recalled that the leaders of the two countries in 2017, has met twice: at the may forum on “One belt and one road” (the event dedicated to the Chinese initiative in the Economic belt of the silk road and Maritime silk road of XXI century – approx. TASS) and last month in Astana, which hosted the summit of the Shanghai cooperation organization.

The talks between Putin and XI Jinping will be a key element in terms of the chronology because they will be followed by two more meetings – on the sidelines of the September summit of the BRICS in Xiamen (Eastern Fujian), as well as the event in Vietnam, which will host the forum heads of economic departments of the countries of the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation.

As the Ambassador noted, in light of these developments, there is a transformation of Russian-Chinese relations, followed by a “transition of quantity in quality”. “It is connected not so much with trade as such, that is, the exchange of import and export goods, but with the increase in the whole range of our relations for large investment projects”, – said Denisov.

In turn, the Minister of economic development of Russia Maxim Oreshkin in an interview with Xinhua news Agency said that the forthcoming visit of XI Jinping will lead to a sharp intensification of contacts between the two countries.

“Coming in July, the visit of President XI Jinping to Russia, I am sure, will give an additional impetus to cooperation in various fields and will allow you to reach your goal – to bring by 2020 the bilateral trade to $200 billion,” – said the head of Department.

Earlier, the assistant Minister of foreign Affairs of China Li Huali said that the visit of the Chinese leader to Russia will be marked by the signing of contracts worth $10 billion, the conclusion of over 10 intergovernmental agreements.

According to official statistics, in 2016 the volume of trade between Russia and China grew by 2.2% yoy to $69,52 billion, According to the General customs administration of China, bilateral trade in January-may increased by 26.1% yoy to $32.3 billion Expected for the year it will exceed $80 billion.

Comprehensive bilateral cooperation

“Russian-Chinese cooperation covers almost all spheres, including energy and industry, infrastructure projects and agriculture, scientific and technical cooperation, – said Oreshkin. – However, we need new mechanisms of cooperation”.

It is expected that, in addition to energy, after Chinese President’s visit to Russia will be enhanced contacts in the field of Finance, with much greater intensity will be implemented existing and new projects in the field of space, science and technology, innovation, high-speed railway transportation, infrastructure construction, agriculture,

In addition to the economy, one of the priority directions of cooperation between the two countries mezamashi cooperation, which, in spite of close contacts, is not in the nature of a military Alliance.

In particular, an important event on 7 July was the approval in the capital of Kazakhstan road map for the development of cooperation between Russian and Chinese armed forces in the years 2017-2020 Troops of the Russian Federation and the people’s liberation army (PLA) periodically conduct joint military exercises, which, as has been repeatedly stressed is not directed against any individual countries or territories.

More active ties between the two countries in politics and diplomacy: Russia and China hold similar positions on a wide range of the key international issues, in particular regarding the situation on the Korean Peninsula, where Moscow and Beijing, according to Russian Ambassador to China, “categorically exclude the possibility of military escalation, speaking for the resolution of all relevant issues through peaceful negotiations”.

According to Denisov, the Russian-Chinese cooperation in the political arena, contributes to the stabilization of the global environment, because “having a sobering effect on partners for international organizations.”

“This allows, for example, conduct quite close to the line on various aspects of the agenda”, – he explained. The diplomat noted that China “seeks to play a relief role” in building a new world political architecture, and it has a positive value.

As has informed the Russian Embassy in China, recently there has been intensification of mutual visits: experts of a number of Chinese companies are in Moscow, according to their Russian colleagues come to Beijing. The reviewers regard it as one of the evidences of strengthening of mutual interests, expansion of their framework.

Strategic partnership to a new level

As noted in a recent article reviewers to Xinhua news Agency, the upcoming visit of Chinese President to Russia will focus on strengthening the strategic partnership that is expected to lead to a substantial expansion of bilateral trade and economic contacts, which, moreover, “will take on new, more qualitative in nature”.

“Against the background of increasingly intense cooperation at a high level, there has been steady progress in the development of bilateral pragmatic cooperation. This applies to both interpersonal contacts and intergovernmental and informal networks undergoing rapid development,” he commented on current trends, the Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui.

The local media noted that over the past four years, starting from the moment when XI Jinping officially took office as head of state, Russian-Chinese bilateral relations, especially to partners, have undergone significant positive changes. According to the semantic colouring of the articles, in General, Beijing is very optimistic: according to the Chinese Academy of social Sciences, the Russian economy is “demonstrates a positive dynamics, positive changes are observed in the real sector”.

It is expected that this will give the cooperation with Russia is special, even more promising character.

“Great opportunities arise in terms of the pairing initiative of China “One belt and one road” and the Russian Eurasian economic community – this theme is also featured on the agenda of the upcoming talks between leaders of China and Russia”, reports Xinhua. Earlier, foreign Minister Wang Yi said that recently the parties have done in this direction a great job.

According to the visit, details of which were shared with journalists If Huailai, after talks between Putin and XI Jinping in Moscow the two leaders will make a communiqué about the prospects of implementation of the Russian-Chinese Treaty on good-neighborliness, friendship and cooperation for 2017-2020.

Among the key areas of partnership between Russia and China – a joint development of the Arctic, which planned to develop the Northern sea route, to implement a number of infrastructure projects in the field of logistics, in the field of mining, tourism and research activities.

Another promising niche is the participation of China in the development of the Russian Far East: the last time the Russian authorities to discuss several aspects of bilateral cooperation for the realization of projects with the presence of the Chinese capital. It is expected that these issues will be discussed during the upcoming visit.

It is expected that, in addition to energy and trade, the current visit of XI Jinping will have a stimulating effect on the cooperation of Russia and China in the field of communications, public education and the media.