Zakharova: the media began a propaganda campaign about the alleged use of chemical weapons Damascus

MOSCOW, July 2. /TASS/. Foreign media have started awareness campaign about the alleged use by Damascus of chemical weapons, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“As we warned a few days ago, started an advocacy campaign on “the use of chemical weapons by Damascus”. The start is given. These movies will be more, they will have different quality performance – grade, Hollywood level,” he wrote Sunday on his page on Facebook.

Zakharov stressed that “fakes will be a lot.” “Campaign scheduled a large scale”, she added.

Earlier on Thursday, Zakharova said that the information campaign about the alleged imminent use of chemical weapons by Damascus is a precursor of military intervention in Syria. “The scenario is the same: on the territory controlled by fighters, there is a kind incident, the victims of which are civilians,” said she.

On Monday, the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer in a written statement that the American government sees signs of a potential training of the authorities in Damascus to a new use of chemical weapons in Syria. The leadership of the Arab Republic denied these allegations. On Tuesday, state Department spokesman Heather Nauert informed that the US authorities is not going to publish data confirming the relevant conclusions of the Washington.