“Beneficiary” Russian cash for reform found dead in London

Businessman Vladimir Shcherbakov, which state Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi called the “beneficiary” cash for reform, was found dead in London, reports the Republic with reference to one of your friends Shcherbakov and his former business partner. According to one of interlocutors of the edition, Shcherbakov committed suicide.

In London police have been unable to confirm the death of Shcherbakov.

In March 2017 Shcherbakov on request of Russia has been put on the international wanted list on suspicion of large-scale withdrawal of funds abroad using fake documents and an organized group.

On 3 July it became known that the arrest in absentia and international search Shcherbakov cancelled.

Free cash: who will work on the replacement of vehicles across the country

The law, which obliges companies and individual entrepreneurs go to the cash registers, able online to convey information about each sale to the Federal tax service (FNS), was signed in July 2016. In the first year of the installation or replacement of banks on “smart” devices was voluntary. February 1, 2017, the tax court had stopped registering cash that do not meet the new requirements, and to switch completely to online cash the business had on 1 July.

The Deputy Lugovoi claimed that Shcherbakov was a beneficiary inter-affiliated companies that on the basis of exclusive manufacture of the fiscal drives, forcing entrepreneurs to buy units at a price ten times higher cost.

“Some group of persons at the expense of the correct decisions we have taken, is enriched. The amount of enrichment is tens of billions of rubles”, — said Lugovoi, calling the issue “the loudest over the last ten years, in terms of restricting competition and monopolizing the market.”