Duma refuses to punish recruits for the avoidance of receiving the summons

The Duma Committee on defense on Thursday, July 6, plans to reject the bill on toughening the punishment for conscripts for failing to appear in the military enlistment office and evasion of receiving the summons. This is stated in the draft decision of the Committee, which has reviewed RBC, information was also confirmed by the Chairman of the Committee Yuri Svitkin (“United Russia”). The bill earlier was made by a group of deputies and senators, headed by Chairman of the defense Committee of the Federation Council Viktor Ozerov.

In the draft decision the Committee noted that Senate initiative does not meet the requirements of the legislation, as amends the Code of administrative offences (Cao) simultaneously with other laws. “Amendments to the administrative code are separate Federal laws and cannot be included in other”, — stated in the document.

The bill was the comments and the Duma legal administration, and the government accepted it conceptually, said Switchin RBC. The main claim of the White house was the fact that law enforcement will require additional budget funds for “increasing the staff numbers of judges and employees of military commissariats,” reads the text of the government opinion.

Amendments were introduced to the state Duma in 2015. The bill, in particular, proposes to toughen punishment for recruits, not only for failing to appear in the military enlistment office, but also for attempting to evade receiving the summons — for it will be fined from 1 to 3 thousand rubles penalties for evasion is no agenda. As noted in the explanatory Memorandum “citizens actually evading conscription for military service, are in a situation in which the avoidance of receiving the summons of a military Commissariat is not considered as a fact of evasion”.

In turn, for repeated attempt of the recruit is not to the agenda, it may be fine for 2 — 5 thousand rubles, or even to arrest for 15 days. The bill toughens the punishment for the officials who made errors in the conduct of military registration of citizens, from 100 to 300 thousand rubles.

This is not the first case when deputies refuse to support the initiatives of the Federation Council to toughen the conditions of the call. In may, the defence Committee recommended that the senators to withdraw the bill that the recruits will receive an agenda in the military. Its decision the Committee explained that implementation of the act requires additional spending from the budget.

The claims of the Duma legal Department is incorrect, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich. The project has been coordinated with the defense Ministry and approved by the legal Department of the Federation Council, he said. “We will return to this bill and perineum. All the technical inaccuracies, which were discussed by the state Duma, will be corrected” — summed up the Senator.

The spring conscription campaign began on April 1 and will last until July 15. According to the decree of President Vladimir Putin, the troops should be sent to 142 thousand of Russians aged 18 to 27 not being in stock and subject to appeal.