Experts: the G20 summit will be a fundamental discussion of the relationship of world powers

MOSCOW, July 4. /TASS/. The G20 summit, which will take place on 7-8 July in Hamburg, will become fundamental from the point of view of relations between centers of power in the world. This opinion was expressed to experts interviewed by TASS on the eve of the meeting of leaders of “twenty”.

“Paradoxically, the current G20 summit is the most fundamental, because the main issues to be discussed relate to the essential relations between centers of power in the world – the United States and Europe, the USA and Russia, USA and China, and not those formal questions put on the agenda of “twenty”, – said the program Director of the Foundation of the club “Valdai”, Deputy Director of research programs at the Council on foreign and defense policy Dmitry Suslov. Applied issues of global economic governance and the fight against climate change, which wander from summit to summit there will be discussed in Hamburg, but expect them any significant decisions meaningless. Formal communications Sherpas will continue, Declaration will be accepted, however they will make up the main political content of the summit”.

According to the expert, it is obvious that the administration of U.S. President Donald trump expresses a different U.S. approach to these issues. “The United States suspended participation in the Paris agreement, and on the issue of global economic settlement United States attribute less importance to global governance and postulate policy concerning purely economic interests of the United States – says Suslov. The main outcome of the summit likely to touch on US relations with other centers of power: the Russian-American relations, transatlantic relations, US relations with China than the issues of global economic governance that are formally included in the agenda.”

Russia for the United States at the G20 will recede into the background

The Director of the Center for comprehensive European and international studies, National research University Higher school of Economics, program Director of the Foundation for the development and support of the International discussion club “Valdai” Timofei Bordachev, believes that the G20 summit in Hamburg Russia will depart for the US on the backburner. “This summit will be marked by discussions between the President of the United States Donald trump and his partners in Europe and Asia, he said. – Russia is now, apparently, will be on the second plan. Its relations with the countries of the West do not improve, relations with China remain positive and the economy is growing slowly”.

However, Bordachev allows for the possibility of reaching at the summit of the minor compromises between Russia and USA on Syria. “We cannot exclude microprofiles in relations with the US on the Syrian issue,” he said.

The ability of developed and developing countries to agree will be in the economic focus of the G20

RIAC expert, chief economist at Eurasian Bank of development and program Director of the club “Valdai” Yaroslav Lissovolik, believes that the basic expectations of the countries of “twenty” associated with whether to negotiate developed and developing countries on the interaction. “In the economic field the basic expectations are connected with the coordination of developed and developing countries to fight protectionism, increase the cooperation in the investment sector, reaching agreements in the field of environment and climate change, he said. – Currently achieving ambitious agreements in the format of “twenty” is difficult because of the difference in positions between developed countries (Europe and USA), and between emerging markets (China and India)”.

Lissovolik is not optimistic about achieving a possible breakthrough economic agreements at the summit. “In the conditions of insufficient political support for liberalization even in key developed countries can hardly expect significant progress in the framework of the “twenty” on key parameters of the current agenda,” he said.

The meeting of the presidents of the United States and Russia, the debut of the President of France at the G20

According to the Chairman of the Board of the Fund of development and support of the International discussion club “Valdai” Andrei Bystritsky, the summit in Hamburg will be the place where much will be held for the first time. “First, it is expected that the G20 summit will be a meeting of the Russian and American presidents, he said. – Second, there will be the President of France Emmanuel macron, will be very interesting to watch his evolution as he promised. New French President promising that he will try to make France a more serious player in world politics.”

In addition, Bystritsky noted that “it will be interesting how will develop the discussions within the G20 in light of the fact that the current us administration is pursuing a policy associated with the saber rattling and muscle-flexing”.