“Finally they meet” what do you expect foreign media from the G20 summit

The Washington Post, USA

Although President trump and likes to rely on his instincts, his meeting this week with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Hamburg, Germany requires thorough preparation and direct conversation. <…> Trump simply won’t be able to judge in a conversation with Putin, Russia’s attempts to intervene in the presidential election of 2016. The American President needs to clearly give to understand that the United States will not tolerate this, period. <…> About Ukraine trump also need to show commitment. Russia provoked an armed uprising, she seized the Crimea in violation of international norms and continues to fuel violence in the Donbass. Trump should explain clearly to Putin that the United States will abandon sanctions in connection with Ukraine, and this will continue until, until you complete the provisions of the peace agreements. The two leaders should discuss the Syrian conflict to avoid direct confrontation, although Washington and Moscow pursue a completely different military purposes. <…>

In addition, in both countries ‘ interests would be the resumption of cooperation in the field of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, and the resolution of the impasse over the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and short range. Even in the darkest periods of the cold war, the United States and the Soviet Union did not break contact with each other, and today the need for such a communication no less.

The upcoming meeting is likely to satisfy the desire for Putin to present himself as a global leader, and it will try to detect the tramp signs of weakness.

Focus, Germany

In previous years, to reach consensus on the issue of dealing with terrorists would work. This year the discussion will depend on the position of the trump in NATO and security issues: U.S. President insists on the observance of the previously agreed spending on NATO and on the return of the us money that goes to funding partner countries of the Alliance.


It can be even harder to resolve the issue of refugees — a look at migration policies of the countries participating in the summit is very different, and the position of the EU is no longer decisive.


Finally, they will meet. <…>They are both known for having in public speeches, they strongly demonstrate their machismo to intimidate opponents and demonstrate his strength and power, recognizing the key role of sign language in political rhetoric.

Even if you do not reach the issue of elections, trump and Putin is crucial for the future of Europe and the Middle East. On the scales the abandoned issues such as US sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Crimea, the future of Syria after the inevitable defeat ISIS (as terrorist and banned in Russia), ways of preventing collisions in force in the country of American and Russian forces, as well as the willingness of the US to support NATO allies.

Deutsche Welle’s office in Argentina

G20 the main forum for international economic cooperation. An important role in this year will play a question about free trade. “I am convinced that protectionism is not the solution of problems,” said Angela Merkel. “The question of free trade affects all participants. We need open markets, my goal is to send a clear signal in favour of free markets and against isolation,” she added. Also for Berlin, one of the priorities of the G20 is that cooperation with Africa. Through a joint initiative of the countries strive to attract more private and public investors in Africa.

The Daily Beast, USA

Moscow believes that its leader, former head of the spy network that Vladimir Putin may seek major concessions from President Donald trump, when they will meet next week. On this edition of the Daily Beast reported European officials. According to them, intelligence reports indicate that Putin is confident in his ability to outsmart trump at the G20 summit, using promises of cooperation in such spheres as the fight against terrorism to win concessions like easing or lifting of sanctions against Russia. <…>

Their concerns underscore the concern that inexperience trump and Putin’s ability to flatter over time will lead to a gradual weakening of the Union of the United States and Europe, and will once again strengthen the position of Moscow, almost restoring it to the status of a superpower and not having changes in its aggressive, expansionist behavior.

Sputnik France, a division of the Agency “Russia today” in France

The program of the Russian President, which is dominated by Syrian and Ukrainian issues, different from the agenda of the summit. The first official meeting will be devoted to global economy and Finance and the second is climate change and energy. The participants will discuss the development of green economy and the Directive agreement on climate change.

Two other sessions scheduled for the second day of the summit, July 8: one will be devoted to African issues, health and migration; the other, the digital economy, and employment and the strengthening of the role of women in the economy. The last topic was proposed by the German Chancellor. The discussion should be the first initiative of the Foundation for the development of women entrepreneurship in the framework of the world Bank.

Politico, USA

It is unclear what can be said of trump Putin in a period of such acute tension between Washington and Moscow, caused by Russia’s intervention in the elections of 2016 and its military presence in Ukraine and Syria.

But many experts on national security and militant hawks in the administration trump is concerned that the President, who has long been talking about the prospects of friendship with Putin very much wants to please his strong-willed Russian partner. <…>

Trump will be difficult to avoid contact with Putin at the summit of world leaders, but some American officials believe that he needs to keep his meeting with the Russian informal impromptu conversation, which is the language of diplomacy is called “take a side”.