Former owner of “Morton” has decided to invest 6 billion rubles in Moscow real estate

According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the group of companies “Basis”, which was created by the former owner of “Morton” Alexander Brooks and top managers Oleg and Egor Kolchenko Temples, I decided to invest in small residential projects of business class. We are talking about a complex a total area of 20 thousand square meters in the textile workers, and the multifunctional complex at the intersection of Sakharov Avenue and Sadovaya-Spasskaya street.

In the case of a residential complex on the Garden ring project was approved by town-planning-land Commission of Moscow, said the interlocutor of “sheets” in the city hall. The project received firm “Feniksstroy”, which is associated with the “backbone”. It is anticipated that construction will begin next year and will cost 4.5 billion rubles, and for the implementation of the project will involve including foreign architects.

“Vedomosti” noted that the implementation of their projects, “Base” will not compete with the PIK group, whose shareholder Sergey Gordeev acquired Morton from Streams. The reason is that the PEAK and Morton were engaged in mass housing, and “Foundation” — the business class. In addition, in the sale of “Morton” did not sign the documents non-compete.

PIK group has acquired the investment-construction company “Morton” over RUB 11.7 billion in December 2016. Thus, in Russia there is the largest developer of residential properties, which controls about 3% of the Russian and 13.7% of the Moscow market.

The transaction on purchase “Morton” was held in two stages. In September 2016, Alexander Brooks and other shareholders of “Morton” came from the capital of the company by selling its shares of the Horus Real Estate Fund I B. V. eks-Senator Sergey Gordeev. The transaction amount was not disclosed. And in December of the same year Horus sold the asset PIK, where Gordeev is President and the largest shareholder with a share of 29.9%.