In the Kremlin told about the expectations from the meeting of Putin and trump

The administration of the President of Russia hopes that the meeting of Vladimir Putin with Donald trump on the sidelines of the G20 summit will help establish a working dialogue between the two leaders. The authorities also expect a working atmosphere at the talks between the two leaders. This was stated press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports RBC.

“This is the first meeting. The first meeting of the two presidents — the main thing in this meeting is. The expectation that established a working dialogue, which is probably vital for the world in terms of increasing the efficiency of a critical mass of conflicts and problems, which are increasing day by day,” — said Peskov. The press Secretary added that the meeting between the two leaders will be full-scale but limited in time. This is due to other planned activities in the framework of the summit.

At the upcoming meeting, Putin set out his view on the causes of the Ukrainian conflict, Peskov added. The Russian President also will focus on the fact that for its solution it is necessary to fulfil the Minsk agreements, no other alternatives.

“Of course, it will be a good opportunity to reiterate Russia’s position on the inevitability of the Minsk agreements, the necessity of fulfilling the Minsk agreements and the need to adopt measures to stop the provocations, which, unfortunately, have a place by the armed forces of Ukraine”, — said the press Secretary of the President.

Peskov added that during the meeting, Putin will address the topic of interaction of Moscow and Washington in Syria and possible solutions to conflict in the country.

Reporters also asked Peskov, whether preparing the Russian President for shaking hands with a trump. Putin’s press Secretary said that this question brought him to a standstill. Bi-bi-si, Financial Times and other publications have drawn attention to the peculiar manner of the US President to shake hands with interlocutors.

The exact date of the first meeting of the two presidents in the Kremlin called the 4th of July. Putin aide Yuri Ushakov said that it will take place on 7 July. In addition to meeting with trump on the sidelines of the G20 summit the President of Russia planned contacts with other leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, President of South Africa Jacob Zuma, President of South Korea, moon Jae-In, President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull.

CNN TV channel with reference to representatives of the White house July 3 reported that the main topics of the talks between Putin and trump could be the situation in Ukraine and the conflict in Syria. According to the newspaper The Guardian, trump has also instructed his administration to prepare a list of concessions to Russia, which can go to the United States. This list, according to interlocutors of the edition, prepared for the meeting of the two presidents.

The magazine Foreign Policy wrote that the U.S. position on the Syrian settlement may change. In particular, Washington is ready to focus only on the fight against banned terrorist group “Islamic state”, and the question about the further fate of President Bashar al-Assad to leave Moscow. It spoke to informed sources, the US Secretary of state Rex Tillerson discussed during a private meeting with UN Secretary General Antonio Hutterites.

The G20 summit will be held in Hamburg on 7 and 8 July.