Kislyak: the US is unlikely to abandon attempts to influence politics in Russia

WASHINGTON, July 5. /Offset. TASS Andrey Shitov/. Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak believes that the American authorities are “unlikely to refuse” from attempts to influence Russia’s domestic political life. He confirmed this in an interview with TASS on the results of his nine-year work in Washington, which ends in July.

In Russia in the 2018 presidential elections will take place. On the question of whether information about U.S. interference in Russian politics, Kislyak responded: “Tried to intervene and are unlikely to refuse.”

“Work with the administration of Donald trump takes place is not easy, admitted Kislyak. – Political infighting in the U.S. a serious blow to Russian-American relations. Sometimes I marvel at the ease with which the American political class are willing to sacrifice the normality in our relations.” According to the Ambassador, this is largely due to the strong inertia of political thinking and the real policy of Washington.

Putting a rhetorical question, “is there still hope”, Kislyak responded: “a quick and easy way to normalize count difficult. Too many people who want to prevent such a development. The sanctions frenzy in our country in the U.S. Congress confirms it. The new sanctions – the next stimulus”.

However, continued the source, will meet leaders of Russia and the United States. “I hope she will determine in which direction the further development of cooperation between our countries, – said Kislyak. – Opportunities for positive reversals are always there. Need determination these opportunities are not to be missed. Let’s see what the meeting will the American side.”