Mutko will report in the state Duma on youth policy, development of tourism and sport

Mutko will report in the state Duma on youth policy, development of tourism and sport

MOSCOW, 5 July. /TASS/. The Deputy Minister Vitaly Mutko, who oversees the Cabinet, the issue of sport, tourism and youth policy, will speak on Wednesday at the plenary session of the state Duma in frameworks “the governmental hour”. Deputy Prime Minister will report on current issues and problems in the areas of reference.

“Three very serious issues that we are to report: first of all, of course, youth policy, tourism and sports development in our country”, – said the Vice-Premier on Tuesday at a meeting of the Communist party faction in the lower house of Parliament. Mutko thanked state Duma deputies for the amount sent to him their questions. “I would like to thank you, I got a lot of questions, but it’s not just issues, recommendations and requests, and proposals,” he said.

According to the policy with them for a thorough job, and on a number of issues and proposals aimed answers. “Many of the themes we took to study,” he said.

Mutko also expressed gratitude to the MPs completed in may the parliamentary hearings on the youth policy, in which he participated. “A lot was made of the wishes of Parliament made serious recommendations, and we are now working on them: issues of the special law on youth policy] and other initiatives,” he said. Mutko said that they would pay “much attention” on youth policy speech on Wednesday.

Another theme of the speech of Deputy Prime Minister become the tourism. “Tourism development is a priority, he said in anticipation “pravchasa” in the Duma. Tourism is the element of patriotism, and recreational and educational elements, and the development of our country, [primarily] economic development”, – said the politician.

According to him, Russia has a huge potential for domestic tourism. While Mutko stated that this field “sees the problems: the poor infrastructure, the lack of competition, and in some regions sometimes do not exist and transportation opportunities.” “Mechanisms that work in this area, do not stimulate her in many ways, to raise or improve the quality of service,” said Deputy Prime Minister.

With regard to the topic of sports, in his speech before the deputies will report to Mutko, in his words, “a priority in the coming years will be the development of mass physical culture and sport”. In addition, he stressed that “of course, Russia faces a big responsibility” on the eve of next year’s world Cup.

The parliamentarians

In the state Duma expect from the “government hour” with participation of Deputy Prime Minister “constructive dialogue that will lead to effective decision-making in the field of youth policy and sports development and tourism.” “If in these areas there are any problems, it directly affects the lives of people, therefore, decisive steps that will benefit everyone,” said TASS, a member of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Dmitry Svishchev.

On the subject of youth policy, the Deputy expects to hear from Mutko new ideas on the measures to implement it. Fistula believes that “Russia should adopt a new Federal law on state youth policy, which will increase the efficiency of interaction of the authorities with young people”. The politician reminded that in more than 70 subjects of the Russian Federation have similar regional laws. “But the authorities in the regions talked about the need for such a document at the Federal level that will help to create a unified legal space in the sphere of youth policy throughout the country”, – said the fistula.

The MP also hoped that in his speech, the Deputy Minister outlined the theme of development of public-private partnership (PPP) in the sphere of sport and tourism. “Development of these areas is impossible without PPP, you must actively engage in these areas of investment and create the conditions for strong inflow”, – he stressed. Svishchev said that, although from 1 January last year in Russia and started to act the law on PPP, “unfortunately, in the spheres of sport and tourism of the document is not working.” He added that while private investors are faced with challenges that do not allow to attract to the sport and tourism additional funding.