Russian Tu-95 bombers struck with missiles on ISIS in Syria

Russian Tu-95MS that took off from the territory of Russia, struck with cruise missiles X-101 targets of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), Syria. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of defense submitted to RBC.

“The strike destroyed three large warehouse of weapons and ammunition, as well as a command post of terrorists near the town of Akerbat, which is confirmed by data of objective control”, — stated in the defense Ministry.

According to this, the latest strikes with precision missiles X-101 were the range of about 1 thousand km.

The su-30, based at the airfield Hamim, covered the bombers in the air, said the Ministry of defence. “After a successful combat mission all the Russian planes returned to the airfield”, — concluded the Ministry.

Cruise missile air-launched Kh-101 is manufactured using modern technology to reduce radar signature, told in the defense Ministry. The range of objectives reaches 4.5 thousand km.

The last time strategic bombers Tu-95 was applied to target ISIS in Syria in February. Then the blows struck at the base camps and training centres of the militants, as well as “control of one of the largest IG units”. The defense Ministry reported about the successful defeat of all assigned goals.

Prior to that, Russian bombers carried out air strikes on is positions in Syria in August 2016. Then participated in the operation of the TU-22MZ, which hit high-explosive ammunition, and destroyed the camp of preparation of terrorists, a cache of weapons, ammunition and fuels and lubricants. The defence Ministry reported on the elimination of “large number of militants.”