Strategic partnerships: results of the talks between Putin and XI Jinping

In the Kremlin negotiations between President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President XI Jinping.

Following the meeting, the sides signed several dozen documents in the field of politics, economy, culture, as well as in the public sphere, including approved the action plan for the implementation of the Treaty on neighborhood, friendship and cooperation for 2017-2020.

The two leaders stressed the high level of bilateral relations, Putin noted that Russian-Chinese partnership has strengthened and continues to develop rapidly, and XI Jinping expressed confidence that the development of relations between Russia and China is unwavering, despite the situation in the world.

International agenda

  • The parties called upon the DPRK to comply with the resolutions of the UN security Council and agreed to promote the initiative on the Korean settlement.
  • The leaders expressed concern about the deployment of NMD elements in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region and agreed to develop cooperation in the framework of international venues, the Asia Pacific region.
  • Moscow and Beijing came to the conclusion about necessity of creation of the mechanism of guarantees of regional security to ensure peace and stability in the long term.
  • Putin and XI Jinping have expressed their intention to expand cooperation in the field of combating the use of communication technologies for terrorist purposes and to continue joint struggle against terrorism, separatism and extremism.
  • They also supported the elaboration of a Convention on the fight against chemical terrorism and called for an independent and comprehensive investigation of the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
  • The leaders also called for the implementation of the plan of action on Iran.
  • Putin and XI Jinping spoke out against the militarization of outer space and “the conversion of space in the area of military confrontation”.


  • The President of the Russian Federation and the President of China intend to expand cooperation on exploration, production and processing of hydrocarbons in the territories of the two countries.
  • Putin and XI Jinping agreed to work together to uphold order in the international oil market.
  • “Rosneft” and the CEFC has signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
  • Ongoing coordination the Western route of gas supplies to China.
  • Moscow and Beijing will increase use of ruble and yuan in bilateral trade.
  • The leaders intend to deepen financial cooperation of BRICS countries and support the establishment of the bond Fund in national currencies of the BRICS.
  • Both sides called for the formation of the open multilateral trading system with the Central role of the world trade organization.
  • Russia agreed with China on the increase of wheat exports almost matched the tolerance of the Chinese market and other grains from Russia.

Media and telecommunications

  • Russia and China signed 18 documents on cooperation of the media, including the TASS signed an agreement on cooperation with the Renmin Ribao and
  • Agreement on broadcasting of Russian TV channel “Katyusha” in China.
  • The Russian and Chinese sides expressed the intention to establish within the UN a set of international rules for Internet governance.