“System” has complained to the Prosecutor General’s office arrested the assets of the bailiff

The company “System” has asked the Prosecutor General to check the actions of a bailiff Olga Steel, not only to impose a lien on shares of MTS, a network of clinics, “meds” and Bashkir power grid company (BESK), but also prohibit companies to get arrested securities dividends.

According to the official representative of “the System” Sergey Kopytov, the latter measure was not specified in the definition of a court made in proceedings under the claim “Rosneft” and therefore the bailiff exceeded his authority.

“Bailiff independently introduced additional security measures, not provided for by the court. In fact we are talking about the outright lawlessness. This act is the quintessence of the events that accompany the claim of “Rosneft” from the first days,” — said Kopytov RBC.

The representative of the “System” said that the company has appealed not only to the Prosecutor General, but also to the Prosecutor of Moscow, Russia’s Minister of justice and chief bailiff of Russia. “We are asking to take control of the cancellation decision and the bailiff to bring the perpetrators to justice,” — said Kopytov.

Arrest 31,76% of MTS shares, 100% of the group’s and 90,47% BESK became known on 26 June 2017. The total cost of the arrested under the claim of “Rosneft” is 170.6 billion rubles of assets, the court estimated at 185 billion rubles, and the “System” — 250 billion rubles.

“Rosneft” and affiliated Bashneft has filed a lawsuit against “the System” may 2, 2017, demanding the compensation of losses, which “Bashneft” allegedly suffered because of the actions control her then “System” in 2014.

In the “System” claimed by the plaintiffs requirements called “illegal and unfounded”, proposing to settle the dispute out of court. However, on 4 July, the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin said that “Rosneft” is ready to put up with “System” on the conditions set out in the complaint.

“And if they want to reach a settlement agreement, they should make specific suggestions, not to have cancer of the stone,” said Sechin.