The government will allocate 2 billion roubles to support mortgage holders

MOSCOW, July 4. /TASS/. The government will allocate from reserve Fund of 2 billion roubles to support mortgage borrowers who find themselves in difficult situations. This was announced by Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev at the meeting of the state Duma Committee on financial market.

“I would like to inform you that in accordance with the order of the President, the government is now developing measures to further support the currency borrowers. Determined by the government, the amount is 2 billion rubles. Source (funding – approx. ed.) she has a reserve Fund of the government, which appeared thanks to the adoption of the Federal law on amendments to the Federal budget, which was signed by the President the other day,” said Moses.

Now there are two proposals on the subject – the Ministry of construction and Ministry of Finance, under the agreement between them, said Moses. The Ministry of construction has prepared its proposals on Friday, the Finance Ministry has submitted its proposals on Monday. Within a few days offers will be approved, said the Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance.

The issue will be resolved with all mortgage holders who are in difficult life situation and not only currency, Moiseev said. “We need to help those who were in a difficult position, regardless of whether these people are borrowers in foreign currency or in rubles. A person may take in rubles and as a result of the crisis of losing work,” he said.

Desperate situation

The Ministry of Finance has calculated the approximate amount of funds needed to address the issue in the most severe cases, subsequently explained to reporters of Moses.

“The people who stayed with us, that is, not covered by the state care is such that an absolutely desperate situation, where people do take the apartment and kicked out onto the street,” he added.

The mechanics of aid has not worked out until there is only the principles that there are several different proposals of the Ministry of construction and Ministry of Finance, said Moses. However, according to him, the process of harmonization initiatives will not take much time because all parties understand that “we must move very quickly.”

Moses also said that the criteria for obtaining support can be expanded compared with the previous program. In addition, the Finance Ministry proposes to create a Commission that will determine the “difficult life situation”. The Commission should include representatives of the seller, of the Ministry of construction, Ministry of Finance, Central Bank and state Duma.

According to the Deputy Minister of Finance, the study also requires the question, will fall automatically under the program mortgage holders who have applied for assistance under the program, which ended on may 31, but did not receive state support, as the funds were spent. “Maybe it will be necessary to take into account those that have already handed over the documents, and all documents are there. And the seller spends all the proof – if there is a confirmation from the seller that they again did not pass,” – said the Deputy Minister.

Help mortgage borrowers

Additional measures to support mortgage holders were discussed after the exhaustion of the previous program.

The assistance program mortgage borrowers who find themselves in difficult situations, was launched in April 2015 and completed in may 2017. Debt restructuring of mortgage borrowers has been allocated 4.5 billion rubles. thus, according to the Agency for housing mortgage lending, in March 2017, funds were fully spent.

In 2015 under the state program of support received over 22 thousand Russian families.