The media learned about the confession of the former head of the NGO “Cosmos” bankrupt

A British court found former head of the NGO “Cosmos” Andrei Chernyakov, who is wanted for the theft of the credit Bank of Moscow, a bankrupt. This writes in Wednesday newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to the publication, a Declaration of bankruptcy Chernyakova, which was filed by Bank of Moscow in March this year, was granted on 3 July. It clarifies the newspaper, in the near future will be assigned a superintendent who will conduct an audit of the debtor’s assets and arrange for their sale.

We are talking about the events of 2011. Then “Space” became the contractor of the Alabyano-Baltiisky tunnel and new parts of the North-Western chord in Moscow. To do this, the company took the Bank of Moscow loans of more than $ 11 billion. the Guarantor of the loan made by the person Chernyakov, who was the head of one of the biggest in the country’s construction companies.

To repay the loan, “Space” soon ceased, Chernyakov himself moved to the UK. In 2015 Chernyakova against the Bank of Moscow opened a criminal case under part 4 of article 159.1 of the criminal code of Russia (fraud in lending on a very large scale by an organized group). Chernyakov declared in the international search.

Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow decided to recover from Chernyakova debts of “Cosmos” with the guarantor. Later, this decision acknowledged the High court of London. The property of the head of the company have been arrested in the UK, Austria and the UAE. In addition, the interim measures adopted with respect to its money and other property in Cyprus, British virgin Islands, Switzerland and Germany.

In a press-service VTB (it was attached by Bank of Moscow) Kommersant reported that satisfied with the decision of the British court. Defenders of the czerniakow was unavailable for comment, the publication adds.