The U.S. military has carried the DPRK launched a rocket to a new type

Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launched by North Korea on July 4, belongs to a new type of missiles. The U.S. government previously did not know about these missiles. As reported by Reuters, said at a press briefing, Pentagon spokesman Navy captain USA Jeff Davis. The military confirmed that a missile was launched from a mobile installation. Tested ICBMs were equipped with multiple warheads.

According to Davis, the US military is able to protect the country from “emerging” threats from North Korea. In June, said the captain, Washington has successfully tested a missile interceptor. According to the scenario tests, to intercept had ICBMs launched from North Korea.

Pyongyang conducted the launch posed a threat to shipping off the coast of Japan, were in the skies of planes and space satellites, said the Pentagon spokesman.

On Tuesday, July 4, the DPRK authorities announced the successful test launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile “And 14”. As reported by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea, the official organ of the DPRK, “Intercontinental ballistic missile rose to 2,802 km (maximum peaks) and flew 933 km.” The launch was watched personally by North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. He “stressed that the great success of Intercontinental ballistic missiles “And 14″ is another brilliant victory of our people in the confrontation with imperialism and the United States.”

After launch, the U.S. military and South Korea held joint exercises in the territorial waters off the coast of South Korea. The United States also has requested to hold a closed meeting of the UN security Council.

NBC reported, citing sources, that the DPRK launched the missile could theoretically reach Alaska. The sides of the channel, who asked to remain anonymous, said that the rocket was two stage. It is able to overcome a distance of at least 5.6 km.

In the Russian defense Ministry said that North Korea tested medium-range missiles and that the launch did not pose a danger to the country. According to authorities, the flight altitude of the rocket amounted to 535 km, range — 510 km.

The altitude of the ISS orbit is 337-430 km above sea level.