Uber temporarily stop working in Finland

Uber temporarily stop working in Finland

HELSINKI, July 6. /TASS/. The taxi service Uber in the year terminates in Finland. This was announced on Thursday, the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat with reference to the Finnish branch of the company.

The company plans to return to the Republic in the summer of 2018, when the power should come under consideration of the Parliament the law on the provision of transport services.

“While we enthusiastically look forward to the entry into force of the new regulation, we have come to the conclusion that the best solution would be to declare a pause in the work with Uber August 15,” – said the head of the Finnish branch of service Joel järvinen.

While Uber only works in Helsinki. In the future the company intends to make the service available in other Finnish cities.

At the end of June, the Helsinki district court arrested the property järvinen. He is suspected of illegal provision of services on transportation of passengers by taxi. Uber operates in Finland in 2014, and the police have dealt with during this time, dozens of cases of illegal traffic due to the company-provided service. The reason why these activities are considered illegal in the Republic, is that many working for the company in Finland people are not necessary according to local laws, the license of the taxi driver.

According to the court, the value of seized property Chapter Uber will amount to €250 thousand If convicted, it can be confiscated to cover his actions caused damage.

Previously illegal Uber drivers in Finland struggled with penalties. But then the police consulted with prosecutors and has developed more stringent measures. Now in all cases on carriers Uber are statements about the crime, and after a preliminary investigation. According to STT, at least one of the cases against the driver of the service is now in court.