Nikiforov estimated the cost of the program “Digital economy” of 100 billion rubles a year

Moscow. July 5. INTERFAX.RU – Minister of Telecom and mass communications Nikolay Nikiforov proposes to start the implementation of the “Digital economy” with such areas as health, state administration and “smart city”.

“What tools we offer to further the implementation of specific result? The first areas where we feel the need to apply these approaches should be health care, state administration and “smart city” – he said, speaking at a meeting of the presidential Council of the Russian Federation for strategic development and priority projects.

Nikiforov explained that these areas are chosen because they have the highest role of the state and social significance. However, the program is not limited to the above fields, the changes are planned in other industries which will gradually expand.

“The program is “Digital economy” is not the operating document, is fixing our goals for 2024, which we must strive to move. But the move towards them will be within already operating document, the so-called sliding three-year plan,” – said the Minister. In his opinion, this document must be approved by the government and annually updated.

“We need a fundamentally different management model implementation and financial support of the program. Current estimated annual costs in the operating plan that we have to develop and approve, is about 100 billion rubles. I want to emphasize that a significant portion of these funds really are contained in the expenditures of the Federal budget”, – said Nikiforov.

But some will require additional allocation of money, the Minister added, asking to approve in General the program “Digital economy” and to instruct the government to approve it.