Russia at the end of the agricultural year exported 35.5 million tons of grain

Moscow. July 5. INTERFAX.RU – Russia on the results of the last agricultural year (from July 2016 to July 2017) exported 35.5 million tons of grain, told reporters the head of the Ministry Alexander Tkachev. According to him, the export of wheat was 27.1 million tonnes. In the current agricultural year (started in July) Russia may export 37-38 million tons of grain, he added.

Long spring and a cool summer, and natural disasters affect the pace of the harvest, the grain harvest in Russia will be lower than the record figure of last year. “Of course, miracles do not happen, all this affects the crop today, we’ve removed 1.5 million tons of grain, and if you take on this date last year, it was already a figure of 4 million tons”, – said Alexander Tkachev.

The harvesting campaign in southern regions of the country and is already moving to the Central regions.

“We are still lagging behind. The timing of harvesting has moved to two, and somewhere for three weeks, which means we roughly have to understand that throughout Russia, such a picture will happen, and we must be ready”, – said the head of the Ministry of agriculture.

According to him, natural phenomena led to the partial loss of crop. “We had to reseed, and we have today to conduct vhodnye work very seriously. Of course, this will affect overall yields and, of course, this will lead to a reduction in acreage. Of course, the harvest of last year, a record 120 million tonnes – we don’t have to wait, but the order of 100-105 million, I hope we will get. But I want to assure everyone that this number we have quite enough food on purpose for feeding purposes, seeds, and even for export,” – said Tkachev.

According to him, 40 million tons of grain will be directed for feeding purposes, 20 million tons of food, 10 million tons for seeds and about 30-35 million tons for export.

“I think in subsequent years, when the weather will help us, it’s always the case, of course, we will return to this record number, but will continue to go, even 120 million for us this is not the limit, and 130, 150 million tons of grain – is what we need to in 10 years,” he said.