Topilin told about the preparation for the indexation of salaries “neocash” public sector

Moscow. July 7. INTERFAX.RU the Government has not yet decided on a scheme of indexation of salaries “newcassel” the public sector, the final decision should be made by September, said labor Minister Maxim Topilin.

“During the preparation of the budget, which will be prepared in September to determine exactly. I don’t think there would be some differentiation,” said Topilin to journalists on Friday. He added that, most likely, will be adopted a variant according to which the wage index by 4% or higher is “to be determined at least four percent indexation”.

Earlier in June, President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to consider indexation of salaries of employees of budgetary spheres, which were not covered by the may decrees of 2012. The Ministry of labor began analyzing the situation in the regions on this issue.

The labor Minister explained that the additional indexing “newcassel the public sector” can refer to a number of staff from different services and agencies, including the MOE, veterinarians, employees of hospitals, kindergartens and other social institutions which do not fall under the categories listed in the “may decrees” of the President of Russia. The Minister added that we are talking about the “administrative staff”.

“The calculations we have performed. Now, as you know, there was a Cabinet meeting, which approved the budget projections, the main direction. In the preparation of the budget, which will be prepared in September, we will decide”, – said Topilin.