In Italy have arrested a suspect in the attack on the House of press in Grozny

In Italy, prosecutors have arrested a suspect in the attack on the printing House in Grozny, which occurred in 2014 and claimed the lives of 14 people. This writes the newspaper La Repubblica with reference to Italian law enforcement.

As notes the edition, according to 38-year-old native of Chechnya Ali Bamataliev, a member of the terrorist organization “Caucasus Emirate” and also specifies Associated Press, a former member of the Belgian cell of the banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”. It does not specify how long he was in Italy.

The Italian authorities also point out that Bamataliev participated in military actions in Syria in 2014-2015 in the number of terrorists. After the war in Syria, he returned to Italy, where he began to promote radical Islam.

During the operation to arrest Chechen militiamen also expelled two 20-year-old Albanian and a 49-year-old Russian woman. TASS indicates that Russian diplomats have not yet have information on extradition of Russian citizen and the consular section in Rome check the data on the nationality of women.

In early December 2014, militants carried out a RAID in Grozny, fired at the post of DPS, seized the press House and the school (at the time of the attack it was not students or teachers), as well as staged a gunfight in the heart of the local Old market. In total, the attack killed 14 of law enforcers, more than 30 were wounded, another 11 militants were killed during the RAID.