Manufacturer of fitness trackers Jawbone has launched a self-destruction process

The company produces Jawbone fitness trackers, Bluetooth headset (headphones and wireless speakers), has announced its liquidation. About it reports The Verge. Earlier, citing sources, reported the publication of the Information. A company representative did not comment on these reports, although The Verge argues that they managed to check and confirm this information.

Co-founder and CEO of Jawbone Hussein Rahman has already moved to another company Jawbone Health Hub, which will focus on health-related products and services. Rahman, now CEO of Jawbone Health Hub and many staff Jawbone followed him.

According to The Information, Jawbone Health Hub will support released products Jawbone to complete the liquidation of the company.

News about the elimination of go to the background of financial instability in the company, which led to the deterioration of customer service, reduce inventory and key departments. In addition, the company began litigation with a competitor to Fitbit.

However, as the newspaper notes, on the new structure, almost nothing is known. In recent days, Jawbone has opened the jobs that are directly related to Jawbone Health. In one of the vacancies, for example, says that Jawbone Health will handle the processing of health data and their visualization.

Last year in Russia has doubled the sales of fitness trackers, in rouble terms, sales grew by more than a third. Has sold more than 134 thousand of such devices in the amount of 468 million rubles the Average price of the tracker fell to 3.5 thousand RUB compared to 5.1 thousand RUB. in 2015. Jawbone was in second place by quantity sold trackers.