Medvedev approved the concept of a unified database with information about all the Russians

The Prime Minister has signed and approved the concept of establishing a single Federal information resource that will contain information about all the citizens of the country. Relevant document published on the government website.

As indicated in the explanatory note to the draft, the purpose of this database is to create a system of accounting information on the population of Russia, “to ensure their accuracy and consistency”, which is aimed at improving the control of calculation and payment of insurance premiums on personalized accounts.

Available (.pdf) explains that the generated centralized resource will interact with the already existing information systems, tax services, social insurance and pensions, statistical services, land cadastre and registration of rights of ownership, bodies of internal Affairs, Ministry of defense and others.

Among the information that the authorities will be entered into the system basic data about the citizen, his name, date and place of birth and death, gender, immigrants and immigrant — date of arrival in Russia or leave the country, different kinds of identifiers and account details.

For the population the benefits of such a resource, the explanation will be that the citizens will not need to repeatedly inform the state authorities or local government about the occurrence of various events in their lives.

“Having once granted citizens can get information as a Federal resource about the population will provide the possibility of realization of state functions in the interests of citizens”, — the document says.

The Russians themselves will be able to access the created database through the portal. Project implementation should take place in four stages up to 2025.

On creation of a unified population register, which will bring together information about all the citizens of the country in mid-may, said the Ministry of justice. As explained then in the Ministry, since the beginning of the year the Ministry of Finance, Federal tax service (FTS) and the Ministry of justice are working on a project.