Putin answered the question about the possibility of dialogue with Navalny

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the dialogue of presidential or governmental level is only of interest to those offering constructive suggestions. This was the Russian President said at a press conference following the summit of “Big twenty” in Hamburg.

“I believe that we can have a dialogue with people at the presidential and governmental level, which offer a constructive agenda, and if people only want to draw attention to yourself, it is uninteresting”, — said Putin on the question of an American journalist about why he doesn’t say the name of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

In mid-June, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, summing up the direct line with Vladimir Putin, said that, in his opinion, at present in Russia there is no “constructive appeals” opposition to the President.

Sands then told me that in preparation for a straight line “shoveled fair share” of citizens to the President. “Unfortunately, constructive proposals in this vast array, I have not found”, — he said.

The press Secretary then explained what is meant by constructive suggestions. “Here you are doing something in relation to child benefits, I disagree with you <…> if I were in your place, I would conduct this policy. It would be an opposition to Putin, it is a constructive opposition,” — said Peskov. This opposition the President is willing to perceive as their “opponent”, said Peskov.