Putin spoke about his first meeting with trump

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a press conference in Hamburg, on which the summit of “Big twenty”, has told about his first meeting with U.S. President Donald trump, which was held the day before.

Putin noted that, in his opinion, a personal relationship with trump to set managed. “Trump television is very different from real. He analyzes fast enough, quickly answers the questions,” — said the Russian leader, noting that the chance to restore relations between the US and Russia have.

“If we build a relationship [between the US and Russia] as of yesterday meeting, we will be able to restore at least partially the level of interaction that we need,” — said Putin.

The question, according to the Russian President after a meeting with his U.S. counterpart, whether to withdraw from the crisis of relations between the US and Russia, Putin said: “I hope so, and I think that certain preconditions for this are created”.

He also said that trump during the meeting put a lot of questions about interference in the elections. “It was not the one in question, he paid much attention to it”, — Putin said. “Our position is well known and I have mentioned it: there is no reason to assume that Russia interfered in the election process in the United States,” — said the Russian leader.

Asked by journalists how trump responded to the allegations of Russian non-interference in U.S. elections, Putin replied: “I think that he has taken note of this and agreed, but really how he reacted to this — ask him.”

“What is important is that we agreed that the situation of uncertainty in the future should not be in these areas. We have agreed that we will create a working group and together we will work to understand how to work together to ensure compliance in this area”, — said Putin.

Earlier on Saturday, trump, speaking about the last first meeting with Putin, called it “stunning”.