Siemens launched an investigation because of reports on the supply of turbines in the Crimea

German Siemens stated that it had established a working group, which will investigate reports of supplies to the Crimea gas turbines company despite sanctions. About it reports Reuters.

While Siemens said that they do not possess “convincing evidence” on the supply its turbines to the Crimea. “We are serious about these rumors”, — explained in the company the establishment of a working group and the initiation of an investigation. The group is already “working hard” to “find out all the facts.”

Any “redirect” in the Crimea bought recently turbines at a company called “pure breach of contract”: “Siemens has repeatedly warned the customer that complies with all export restrictions imposed”.

The company also stated that it had taken for its part the necessary measures.

Wednesday, July 5, Reuters, citing three sources, reported that Russia has delivered in Crimea Siemens gas turbine SGT5-2000 for the construction of two power plants. This information was confirmed by three of the interlocutor of RBC, involved in the implementation of the project.

In Siemens then declared that he had not supplied the turbines in the Crimea, the Ministry of energy and “Assistance” declined to comment.

According to the source RBC, already supplied two turbines, two more will be delivered during the month. The turbine was assembled in a joint venture Siemens and the Russian “Power machines” in St. Petersburg, but then they were reworked in the factories “Rostec”. So much so that “production can no longer carry the name of the manufacturer, it is a different product,” says the interlocutor of RBC.

Another source of RBC, in turn, said that in the turbine can replace a minimum number of parts and it will still be the product Siemens. Another project participant suggested that a “modernization” say not to substitute a German company.

In “assistance” later said that a subsidiary of his company “Technopromexport” has purchased four sets of gas turbines for power facilities in the Crimea on the secondary market and modernized at the Russian factories with the participation of Russian engineering companies.

Previously, “Vedomosti”, “Kommersant” and Reuters wrote that after adopted in 2014 to build a power plant to address the issue of supply of electricity to the Peninsula “Tekhnopromexport” purchased powerful turbines from Siemens, although officially this was not reported. However, after the imposition of sanctions, the German company refused to deliver the already paid equipment, and in the end, “Technopromexport” put them on sale that, according to “Kommersant”, could help Siemens to avoid the consequences. There was also the purchase of turbines in Iran, but the Iranian company refused the deal, because of what I had to go back to the version with the purchased equipment, told RBC a source close to the Ministry of energy.