The deputies approved the candidacy of Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea

The deputies approved the candidacy of Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea

SIMFEROPOL, July 7. /TASS/. The state Council of Crimea on Friday approved the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Boris Zimin and agreed on the appointment of Vladimir Serov, who previously headed the administration of Sudak, the correspondent of TASS with the meeting of the Crimean Parliament.

“For” 61 (voice), the decision is made. Vladimir, congratulations, good luck on this difficult way”, – said Chairman of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov.

As Vice-Premier of the Crimean government Vladimir Serov will oversee the transport, utilities and energy. About this Serov told journalists on Friday.

“The ministries that I oversee is the Ministry of transport, Ministry of housing and the Ministry of fuel and energy,” he said.

Serov assured that, performing assigned by the head of the region task to be “balanced”. “I want to assure everyone that all our actions will be considered, weighed, is the program outlined by the head of the Republic, will be implemented. (…) We have a heating season, many questions must be solved”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

Serov was the head of the perch in 2010. In the Ukrainian period of his position was called “Sudak city mayor”. After the reunification of the Crimea with Russia at first he was the acting head of the city administration, then, in November 2014, approved the post.

Earlier it was reported that Boris Zimin, the head of the region Sergey Aksenov, head of GUP “Chernomorneftegaz”. Until the appointment of a Vice-Premier of the Crimea, he led the company ZAO Nortgaz (Russian mining company, the mining company gas-condensate deposits of the North Urengoy field).

The appointment of a Minister of resorts and tourism of the region

The state Council of Crimea on Friday agreed on the appointment of the head of the MIA “Russia today” in the Republic of Vadim Volchenko for the position of head of the regional Ministry of tourism is the retired Sergey Strelbitskogo.

In accordance with the laws of the Crimea, deputies of the Parliament of the region agree on the resignation and the appointment of the head of the Republic, Vice-Prime Ministers of the regional government, the Minister of resorts and tourism and the Minister of ecology.

“For” 63 (votes), the decision is made. Congratulations Vadim Alexandrovich appointment to this position,” said Chairman of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov at the end of voting.

The experts

The Ministry of the Crimea, which, by decision of the head of the region, have lost their leaders, needed personnel changes. Replaced the new Ministers can strengthen the work of these departments and the whole team of Sergey Aksenov, according to respondents TASS politicians.

Previously Aksenov said that the reshuffle in the Council of Ministers of Crimea will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the authorities. At the same time, the head of the region stressed that neither he nor law enforcement bodies have no claims to the work of three Ministers, the intention to stand down which he announced Thursday, July 6.

On the eve Feldman also said that instead of Svetlana Borodulina, the Ministry of fuel and energy of the region will be headed by the first Deputy head of the Agency Vadim Belik, and the chair of the Minister of housing and communal services (HCS) of the region is Sergey Karpov is a Marina Gorbatyuk first Deputy head of administration of the city Sudak.

Keep officers in good shape

“From the point of view of the replacement of the Ministers of the Ministry are selected just those that are in the most problematic areas for the Crimea, Aksenov here unmistakably identified shapes for replacement,” said TASS, the political scientist, Deputy Chairman of the Public chamber of the Crimea Alexander Formanchuk.

According to him, mass resignation “in the style of Aksenova” the “does, as a rule, twice a year.” “New year’s eve was also a series of resignations, now followed a series of resignations in the first half of the year. And I am convinced that it characterizes the head of the Republic, as a person who strives to find the optimal composition of your team, so she dealt with the challenges facing the Crimea”, – said Formanchuk.

In turn, the political scientist, the head of the Simferopol branch of Fund of development of civil society Natalia Kiseleva reminded that the head of the Crimea repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the staffing capacity of the Council of Ministers. “The resignation of the Ministers and of heads of municipal formations is typical for the Crimea. This is not the first resignation and probably not the last. Unfortunately, personnel policies, leaves much to be desired that they recognize not only the inhabitants of the Republic, but he Aksenov periodically talked about the fact that there is a problem with the staff,” she said.

Formanchuk considers that “thus, Feldman is trying to keep officials on their toes.” “This next rotation of personnel is an expression of style Aksenov, who he will follow until the head of the Republic of Crimea”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to the analyst Kiseleva, a change of Ministers would lead to “any tangible results” if the Republican leadership changed the principle of selection of new personnel. “The problem is not only in the personnel, not only in experience, but there is still a problem in their selection. (…) If now the principle of selection has changed, then we should expect that personnel changes will lead to the best,” she said.

Strong replacement

Formanchuk is convinced that the new heads of departments will strengthen the team Aksenov. “Unfortunately, nothing memorable Deputy Prime Minister Zimin (was appointed in February 2017 – approx. TASS), and, say, Serov, Sudak mayor, he drew the attention lately with the best side,” he said.

The analyst commended the candidacy of Vadim Volchenko, who became Ministers of tourism and resorts. “His Forte is that he knows the information sphere. (…) I think that the tourism sector of Crimea is not enough competent positioning itself in the system of tourist relations in Russia and abroad, is that while any Minister of resorts failed. I believe that he (Volchenko) will be able to represent the Crimean tourism in favourable light than it was possible to his predecessors, he’s thoughtful, serious Manager,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, Marina Gorbatyuk to approve the position of head of the Ministry of housing and communal services of the Republic proposed Serov, who is in the position of Deputy Prime Minister will oversee this area. “I think it’s premature to give any evaluation, Aksenov decided to trust Serov in this issue”, – said the analyst.

However, he noted that the retired head of the Ministry of housing Karpov did not meet expectations of the Public chamber of the Republic. “We at the meeting of the Public chamber discussed, remember what he told us the advances were given. It was early in the year, but, unfortunately, much of what they said, and remained on paper,” he explained.

Were the public men claim to Strelbitska and Borodulina, the analyst believes. “There were many complaints to the Minister for tourism, (…) he didn’t have deep idea about this industry, is very important for the Crimea, and she is very sensitive to the Crimea. To the Minister of energy is also very large claims were: in General, the issues were resolved successfully, but they were solved successfully thanks to the support of the mainland. The farm itself is quite problematic and requires deep modernization, what Borodulin obviously could not cope,” – says the expert.