Zakharov told about cases of US intervention in the Affairs of the Russian Federation

Zakharov told about cases of US intervention in the Affairs of the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, July 6. /TASS/. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, commenting on the American media about Moscow’s intervention in the politics of Washington, gave examples of US intervention in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

“The subject of alleged Russian interference in the internal political life of the United States has been on the front pages of American magazines and Newspapers, she said. – I would like for the American political establishment to bring a real, not mythical evidence of US involvement in the internal politics of our country, to remind them of what they did against our country,” Zakharova said Thursday during a weekly briefing.

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry recalled that in 2014, the Obama administration “didn’t even try to hide their intentions to create a crisis situation in the Russian economy and to stimulate social discontent and provoking regime change”. “It was a global call to interfere in the internal life of Russia in order to give the Russian people to feel a degree of isolation, she said. – So directly stated in the spring and summer of 2014, then Washington became the initiator of sanctions against our country.”

In addition, Zakharova recalled on direct instructions of the US government, its diplomats to intervene in Russian Affairs. “Very significant also signed by Obama in December 2014, the law on freedom support of Ukraine, – the diplomat noted. – It contains a direct, undisguised call for interference in our internal Affairs. U.S. Secretary of state in black and white was ordered directly and through non-governmental and international organizations to contribute to the improvement of democratic governance in Russia.”

Government grants USA for terrorists in the North Caucasus

Zakharova also drew attention to the fact that attempts to “undermine” the internal situation in Russia have been carried out earlier. “These were state of the United States Agency for international development, she said. Grants handed out this Agency, often fell to individuals affiliated with gangs in the North Caucasus, and through them, to outright terrorists.”

According to the diplomat, in 2012, when the Agency was banned, he tried to continue a non-governmental organization national democratic Institute and international Republican Institute. “In reality they exist at the expense of the budget of the United States and are nothing more than a tool of Washington’s foreign policy, – said Zakharov. – Referred to the American law 2014, speaks openly about the use of non-governmental organizations in efforts to influence the situation in Russia. It until 2018 provided budget funds in the amount of $ 20 million annually.”

In this regard, she urged representatives of the us political elite by trying to remember everything that was initiated by Washington against Moscow in recent years. “All this I give to those politicians who are engaged in the collection of regular votes in support of the sanctions actions against our country, engaged in political lobbying anti-Russian policy, trying to negatively affect the development of bilateral relations, refreshed his memory and recalled that for the past years was done to Russia by the political circles of Washington,” – concluded the official representative of the foreign Ministry.