“A useful summit,” Putin summed up the meeting of G20 leaders

“A useful summit,” Putin summed up the meeting of G20 leaders

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin held a press conference at the summit of G20 leaders. A large part of questions was devoted to relations of Russia and the United States. Especially the journalists were interested in details of the first talks with the Russian leader with U.S. President Donald trump.

Putin also was asked about the situation in Syria and Ukraine, the Russian foreign policy and the economy.

The main statements of the President of Russia during a press conference at the TASS.

About relations with the United States

  • Vladimir Putin considers it possible at least partially to restore relations with the United States. This is the conclusion he came to after meeting with Donald trump.
  • As for the trump, then, according to Putin, his American counterpart – “brand specific”. The Russian President also added that the real trump is very different from “television”.
  • The Russian President said trump during a meeting with him asked a lot of questions about alleged Russian intervention in elections in the United States. According to Putin, his colleague was satisfied with the answers.
  • Putin reiterated that Russia has not interfered in the elections in the United States.
  • The Russian President also said that during the meeting, trump was interested in the details of the relationship of Russia with the previous administration headed by Barack Obama.

On the situation in Syria

  • Putin noted that the US position on the Syrian issue has become more pragmatic.
  • Agreement on the South area of de-escalation in Syria, the Russian President called a breakthrough.
  • As stated by the Russian leader, the cessation of hostilities is already a good result. He noted that now we need to agree, in particular, about the specific boundaries of these areas.
  • He also stressed that the most important thing – ensuring the territorial integrity of Syria.

On the situation in Ukraine

  • The President said Russia’s interest in a speedy settlement of the situation in Ukraine and development of relations with this country.
  • The Russian leader is sure that the interests of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine coincide.
  • He also drew attention to the fact that both countries are interested in cooperation for the development of their economies. However, he noted that Ukrainian politicians believe that it can be neglected. “They have only one product, which they successfully trade – is Russophobia,” – said Putin.

On foreign policy

  • Responding to a question about the upcoming elections in Germany, Putin assured that Russia is not going to interfere in this process. “I told you, we in the US did not intervene, and even why we are here to create problems,” – said the Russian President.
  • Putin also commented on the Kurdish issue, noting that it is “large and versatile”. According to the President, Russia is in contact with the many Kurdish groups. “From the point of view of combat support their activities here, perhaps, our American colleagues are far ahead of us,” added Putin.
  • The Russian President said that during the summit, no one discussed the situation around Qatar.

About the economy

  • The President believes that the Russian economy has emerged from recession.
  • According to Putin, the economic development plan should be based on the Russian government, but also to incorporate elements and other projects.
  • According to the President, the Cabinet has done great work in preparing the plan of development of the Russian economy.
  • As the global economic situation, Putin said the movement to grow, adding that adverse trends is almost not observed.
  • However, he noted that still there are factors that do not contribute to economic development. Such negative aspects he called “illegitimate restrictions”. “We are in favor of lifting any restrictions, freedom of trade, to work within the framework of the world trade organization”, – said the Russian leader.
  • Putin also commented on the idea of gas supplies to Europe from the USA. According to him, the cost of such delivery is much higher than shipping from Russia. “I see it (trump’s statement about the US intention to break the “monopoly power” in Europe – approx. TASS) highly positive, because healthy competition is all good. We are for an open market for healthy competition”, – said the President.

About the G20 summit

  • The Russian President believes that it is extremely important and having a practical reflection of the matters discussed at the G20.
  • According to him, the summit participants agreed on the definition of the principles of a sustainable economy.
  • Also at the summit of “twenty” discussed the topic of money laundering.
  • Among the important topics Putin said the fight against terrorism and following the flow of money to prevent financing of terror.
  • As stated by the President, attention is given also to the issue of climate change.
  • Vladimir Putin also mentioned the development of the digital economy. According to him, Russia proposed to develop common regulations in this sphere.
  • Joint statement of the G20 leaders on terrorism, according to Putin, it was agreed no fundamental contradictions.
  • In General, according to the President, the G20 summit “useful” and “will play a role in stabilizing the world economy.”