Manufacturer of “Almaty was” presented “peacefully plowing tank”

Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) first introduced the armored bulldozer B10 at the international industrial exhibition “Innoprom” held in Yekaterinburg from 10 to 13 July. The development and production of a bulldozer engaged in the Chelyabinsk tractor plant. Uralvagonzavod signed a contract with the Ministry of defence for the supply of bulldozers. This was stated in an interview with RBC General Director of Corporation Alexander Potapov.

Potapov said that the cost of the bulldozer is a commercial secret. He noted that the Ministry of defence signed a contract for the supply of such cars, and two of them have already been delivered. Interest in development has shown in a number of countries, including countries in the Middle East, said Potapov.

Potapov called the car unique. “It was an initiative by our designers. The question arises: why did they start doing this? First, there is international experience. This tractor makes including [company-manufacturer of special equipment from the USA] Caterpillar. We made this tractor much better. It is not affected by the impact of small arms, which are detrimental to the tractor driver, who sits at the controls,” — said the General Director of Uralvagonzavod.

Armored bulldozer B10

(Photo: Inna Sidorova)

According to him, the bulldozer can be used in mountainous terrain, they can “clear the debris”. “Similarly, he can work peacefully plowing tank”, — said Potapov.

“Whatever happened, life goes on. Take any country where the agriculture is developed, but fighting is going on. To be planted, plowing is necessary, it is necessary to grow. Therefore, this peacefully plowing a tank, unfortunately, in demand. If not for the armor, he certainly would have been easier, but life is different,” he added.

The representative of “Uralvagonzavod” said that the bulldozer is mainly for construction and debris removal.

Operating tractor power is 190 horsepower. Presented in three versions: B10M, Б10М2 and Б10МБ. The dozer was developed on the basis of tractors Т10М. Tractor weight up to 24.5 tons, is spoken in documents of Uralvagonzavod. The machines have three-point suspension of the truck with equalizer beam. On B10M and Б10МБ you can install mechanical or hydro-mechanical transmission on Б10М2 — only and hydromechanical. Speed in case of fluid mechanics will be of 10.86 km/h, back — of 13.48 km/h. In the case of a manual transmission and 10.4 km/HR and 10.2 km/h respectively.

Military expert Viktor murakhovski comments RBC said that the demand for such machines is. “In practice, in the course of the fighting, we see that roughly similar functionality of the machine uses Israel, Iraqi troops, apparently, this need really is,” — said in a conversation with RBC murakhovski. He noted that such bulldozers can be used, for example, in Aleppo, Syria — “despite the fact that the city is liberated, there is still uneasy, and it must be free from debris”.

Deputy Director of the Institute of political and military analysis Alexander hramchihin has noticed the color of the car. “If it’s military engineering machine and dyed in a sand color, it is obvious that she is focused on the middle East”, — he said RBC.